Gateway Arch

Recently, we visited St. Louis for my nephew’s wedding, and we visited the Gateway Arch on the west bank of the Mississippi River where St. Louis was founded.  It is a magnificent 630-foot high stainless steel monument to the westward expansion of the United States built in 1965 for $13 million.  It’s the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere, Missouri’s tallest accessible building, and the world’s tallest arch.  You can ride all the way to the top in a series of 5-person mini-pods, and then you can get out and look through the narrow windows at the city and river in the surrounding area.

You can see St. Louis landmarks such as the Old St. Louis County Courthouse and Busch Stadium (where the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team plays).  I also tried taking some photos of the river from the top of the arch, but those didn’t really turn out so well.  We ate dinner at the Broadway Oyster Bar, which is a famous Cajun/Creole seafood restaurant that has live St. Louis blues/R&B music nightly right near Busch Stadium.

My Photos

Here are the photos that I took during our visit to the Gateway Arch.

5 thoughts on “Gateway Arch

  1. Hello Doug,
    Compartimos en el blog iguales aficiones: aprender, comer, leer, viajar, que yo intento reflejar también en el mismo. Y también compartimos el curso de blogguing University del Daily Post.
    Disculpa que no domine el escribir en inglés.


    • I used Google Translate to translate your Spanish to English so I could read your comment:

      We share the same hobbies blog : learning, eating , reading, traveling, I try to also reflect on it. And we also share during blogguing University Daily Post.
      Sorry for not writing in English dominates .
      Greetings .

      I’m glad that we share common interests. Thanks for visiting my blog.


    • I appreciate that you thought of me, but I have already been nominated and accepted the Liebster from “Painting by Swav”. However I haven’t finished the work I need to get done to complete it and post it on my blog. Thanks.


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