Christmas Music: Camilli String Quartet

Christmas Music: Camilli String Quartet

Here’s a daily Christmas Music post featuring Camilli String Quartet on violins, viola, and cello.

“Noel Noel” by Camilli String Quartet (2000) – 13 songs, 47 min

I hope you enjoy the music, and it gets you in the holiday spirit.

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Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Here’s some music by Secret Garden with piano and violin that you can listen to on Spotify.


These are some of their more popular songs.

Secret Garden (Playlist) – 8 songs, 32 min



“Just the Two of Us” by Secret Garden (2014) – 15 songs, 53 min


“Winter Poem” by Secret Garden (2011) – 11 songs, 55 min


“Earthsongs” by Secret Garden (2005) – 12 songs, 51 min


“Once In A Red Moon” by Secret Garden (2001) – 12 songs, 51 min


“Dawn Of A New Century” by Secret Garden (1999) – 13 songs, 55 min


“White Stones” by Secret Garden (1997) – 14 songs, 56 min


“Songs From A Secret Garden” by Secret Garden (1995) – 13 songs, 43 min


Compilation Album

Here’s a “Best of…” compilation album.

“Dreamcatcher” by Secret Garden (2001) – 19 songs, 1 hr 12 min



“Just The Two Of Us” by Secret Garden (2014) – Performance (4 songs) with commentary – 16 min 45 sec
“Sometimes When It Rains”, “Belonging”, “Poéme”, and “Just The Two Of Us”


“Song At The End Of A Day” by Secret Garden on “Winter Poem” (2011) – Live – 2 min 2 sec


“Anticipation” by Secret Garden on “Winter Poem” (2011) – Live – 2 min 54 sec


“Nocturne” by Secret Garden on “Songs From A Secret Garden” (1995) – 3 min 11 sec


“Always There” by Secret Garden feat. Russel Watson on Earthsongs (1995) – 4 min 53 sec



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Photo credit: Amazon album cover