Whisperings Solo Piano Favorites

Whisperings Solo Piano Favorites

Listen to solo piano music on the official playlist of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, which focuses on “solo piano music to quiet your world” by the top artists in the world. It was launched by David Nevue in 2003, and now broadcasts to almost a million fans across the world. You can also listen with a stream player at SoloPianoRadio.com/listen.

As the founder and program director for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio (solopianoradio.com), I’ve spent over a decade listening to piano music on an almost daily basis. This playlist contains some of my personal “solo piano” favorites. This playlist will be updated frequently. Enjoy, and be at peace!

– David Nevue


Whisperings Solo Piano Favorites – 78 songs, 5 hr 34 min


Manos Milonakis

Manos Milonakis

Listen to music by Greek composer Manos Milonakis on his new album Festen.

Manos Milonakis is a composer from Thessaloniki, Greece. His Twitter page describes his music as “minimal, modern classical, experimental”. Manos produces modern classical music for films and theatrical plays, as well as for his independent solo work, and also works as a freelance architect at his own architectural studio in Thessaloniki. He’s a former member of the multi-instrumental cinematic-folk musical duet of Your Hand in Mine.

He composed the original score for a theatrical adaptation of Thomas Vinterberg’s film Festen for the National Theatre of Northern Greece – a soundscape odyssey fusing piano, wurlitzer piano, synthesizers, persephone, glockenspiel, violin, viola, cello, guitar, beat programming, and loop processing.

New Album

Enjoy his latest album.

Festen (2017) – 12 songs, 32 min



Here is my playlist of his songs.

Manos Milonakis (Playlist) – 14 songs, 41 min



This is an earlier studio album.

Zyklon (2015) – 10 songs, 25 min



Here is a single (EP).

Sólfar (2016) – 5 songs, 21 min



Listen to some cinematic, folk, electronic, and post-pop tracks on SoundCloud.

Drink And Be Merry – Main Theme (2016) – 4 min 38 sec


A Neighborhood At The Limit – Reality Theme (2016) – 3 min 23 sec


Urban Lightscapes [Theme I, II, III] – (2018) – 3 songs, 7 min 46 sec


Researcher’s Night 2017 (music for dance) [Time, Wormhole, Entropy] – (2018) – 3 songs, 5 min 52 sec



This is a brief trailer for the new album.

Festen (Album Trailer) (2017) – 33 sec

Here is a video with background about the making of his album.

Making of Festen (2017) – 1 min 50 sec

Here is the trailer with his original music score composed for Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett), which just opened at the Vassiliko Theatre of the National Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki.

Waiting for Godot (Trailer) (2018) – 1 min 33 sec



These are links to his website, social media, and general information.

These are links to artist pages for music players and stores.

Photo credit: Festen @ Amazon (album cover)




Juan Maria Solare: Sombras blancas

Juan Maria Solare: Sombras blancas

Listen to solo piano music by Juan Maria Solare on his new (10th) album Sombras blancas (White Shadows – Weiße Schatten).

He is an Argentine composer and pianist who teaches piano and tango music, and conducts several orchestras in Bremen, Germany, where he’s been since 1993.


Enjoy the new album.

Sombras blancas – 19 songs, 59 mins


He composed all tracks except #1 (Frédéric Chopin) and #3 (Chinese or Russian folk song), and also performed, recorded and produced them. He provided these notes about the album on his website:

The paradoxical term sombras blancas (White Shadows) can refer to problems in life that don’t leave negative sequels or by-products. It also means: foreshadows of good things to come. And if shadows are like a mirror of our bodies (or souls), a “white shadow” reflects the luminous part of us.

Translated into everyday language: it’s about music that underlines our most positive aspects. Entertaining, but with depth.

The influence of tango music in this programme is undeniable (after all, Yours Truly was born in Argentina); however, this album’s music goes far beyond tango and reveals my classical background – such as Chopin.

Sombras blancas covers three decades of my pianistic output, from 1985 to 2016.

Casually, many of these white shadows are related to women that were or are important in my life, and not only couples or unfulfilled loves: Edelmira and -especially- Flora were my nannies in my first months and years of life.

Casually also, many of these pieces are in the key of E minor.

The phrase Sombras blancas stems from a poem by Barthold Hinrich Brockes (Hamburg 1680-1747), “Kirschblüte bei der Nacht” (Cherry blossoms at night), where an extreme, celestial whiteness is described, and where one of its lines says “sogar den Schatten weiß und sonder Schwärze hat” (even the shadow is white and void of any black). A nice thought, albeit extreme utopian, since absolute whiteness -immaculate perfection- belongs to angels, not humans.


Here is a video of a song from the album that was recorded of a live performance at the University of Bremen.

Departure – 2 mins 24 sec


This is a video for another song from the album with images of the water fountain in Plaza de Cataluña, Barcelona, Spain. The German expression “Zwischen den Jahren” refers to the last days of December (from Christmas) and the first days of January (An equivalent would be “Boxing Week”).

Zwischen den Jahren (Between the Years) – 2 mins 47 sec

Listen to more of his music at my Juan Maria Solare post with albums, videos, and links. This new album will be included there as well.

Photo credit: Sombras blancas @ Amazon (album cover)

SoloPiano.com – Official Playlist

SoloPiano.com – Official Playlist

Listen to solo piano music on the official playlist of SoloPiano.com, featuring some of the best solo piano artists around the world. Matthew Mayer founded SoloPiano in 2000 to promote his 1999 debut solo piano CD Crossing the Bridge, but now includes over 300 solo piano artists. You can also listen with a stream player at SoloPiano.com/listen.


SoloPiano.com – Solo Piano Music (Playlist) – 128 songs, 9 hr 11 min


Heidi Breyer: Moonlight in Empty Rooms

Heidi Breyer: Moonlight in Empty Rooms

Listen to instrumental piano from Heidi Breyer on her new album Moonlight in Empty Rooms.  The album is a musical study of the art of her partner, artist Alexander Volkov.  Enjoy browsing some of his original oils on her web site, or visit Alexander’s full website for a full selection of giclees on canvas and a complete chronology of works.

New Album

Moonlight in Empty Rooms (2018) – 12 songs, 1 hr



Enjoy my playlist of her songs.

Heidi Breyer (Playlist) – 20 songs, 1 hr 29 min



Watch this video that highlights many of his wonderful paintings as he describes them and his background.

Artist Profile – Alexander Volkov (Exposures Gallery of Fine Art, Sedona, AZ) – 7 min 22 sec



Here’s some more music composed and performed by Heidi Anne Breyer along with paintings by artist Alexander Volkov.

Conversation – 4 min 22 sec


Another Place and Time – 4 min 48 sec


All Souls Lullaby – 6 min 14 sec


After the Last Rain – 3 min 53 sec


Awakenings – 4 min 50 sec


In a Region of Clouds – 4 min 16 sec


All the Good Things – 4 min 17 sec


Chaconne for our World – 7 min 11 sec


Off Season – 4 min 36 sec


American Gothic – 4 min 32 sec


And Winter Came – 4 min 32 sec


On His Wings – 5 min 28 sec


Winter Light – 5 min 17 sec


Listen to more of her music at my Heidi Breyer post with more albums, videos, and links. This new album and updated playlist has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Moonlight in Empty Rooms @ Amazon (album cover)




David Hicken: Momentum

David Hicken: Momentum

Listen to solo piano music by David Hicken on his latest album Momentum. Also watch videos of him playing all the songs, as well as several other recent compositions.

Latest Album

Momentum (2017) – 12 songs, 45 min


Watch videos of him playing all these songs, as well as several other new compositions…