Isaac Shepard: Quiet

Isaac Shepard: Quiet

Listen to the new solo piano album Quiet just released by Isaac Shepard.

This ninth piano album is an EP containing 5 intimate and ambient piano tracks with peaceful cinematic accompaniment. Unlike his previous solo piano albums, it offers an up-close and personal piano experience, supported by sparse orchestral instruments.  If you ever get stressed out or need something to help calm your nerves, you’re going to love this album!

Quiet (2017) – 5 songs, 17 min


Listen to more of his music at my Isaac Shepard post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Quiet @ Amazon (album cover)

Louis Landon: Departure

Louis Landon: Departure

Listen to solo piano by Louis Landon on his new album Departure.

Departure (2017) – 14 songs, 48 min


Listen to more of his music at my Louis Landon post for more of his albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Departure @ Amazon (album cover)

Michael Logozar & Louis Landon

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Whisperings solo piano concert by Michael Logozar & Louis Landon last night at the Steinway Piano Gallery showroom in Austin, Texas. We were lucky to have a front row seat listening to them play a 9-foot Steinway model D Concert Grand piano. I have attended several house concerts at Michael & Kendra Logozar’s, but this was the first time I had the chance to meet Louis and hear him in person.

Concert Playlist

It was a lovely evening listening to their music, and I thought I would share the concert playlist for you to enjoy as well. They finished the evening with a two-person improvisation based on just 3 notes selected by an audience member. Amazing talent!

Michael Logozar & Louis Landon (Playlist) – Whisperings concert @ Steinway Austin (3/31/17) – 17 songs, 1 hr 10 min


Extended Playlists

These are my extended playlists if you would like to listen to more of their music, and click on artist names for albums, videos, and links.

Michael Logozar (Playlist) – 37 songs, 2 hr 31 min


Louis Landon (Playlist) – 70 songs, 5 hr 18 min


George Winston: Spring Carousel

George Winston: Spring Carousel

Listen to music by George Winston on his new (14th) solo piano album Spring Carousel.

This album was recorded during his recovery at City of Hope near Los Angeles after a bone marrow transplant for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) in 2012. Read more about the album on his web site. Proceeds from sales directly benefit City of Hope, which is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. See Be the Match for information about their bone marrow donor registry and support for life-saving transplants to cure blood cancers.

New Album

Spring Carousel (2017) – 15 songs, 53 min



He shares his remarkable experience at City of Hope, where he battled and overcame thyroid cancer, basal cell carcinoma, and myelodysplastic syndrome.

George Winston, cancer survivor | City of Hope – 2 min 37 sec


See my George Winston music post with his albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Spring Carousel @ Amazon (album cover)

Lynn Tredeau

Lynn Tredeau

Listen to solo piano music by Lynn Tredeau from Idaho on her latest album A New Dream.

She composes original piano music to tell life’s stories, inspired by nature and love of family. There are nice reviews of all of her albums by Kathy Parsons at A New Dream, Echoes of Life, and Snowlight (A Christmas Memory).


These are her albums.

A New Dream (2016) – 13 songs, 47 min


Echoes of Life (2015) – 12 songs, 43 min



Here is a Christmas album, which won 2016 Best Holiday Album of the Year at Enlightened Piano Radio.

Snowlight (A Christmas Memory) (2014) – 14 songs, 47 min



Here are some videos for songs from her new album.

Dream a New Dream – Live at Concert Window (2016) – 3 min 51 sec


Ocean of Tears – Live at 2016 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards Concert (with Sherry Finzer) – 3 min 25 sec



These are links to her website, social media, music players and stores.

Photo credit: A New Dream @ Amazon (album cover)

Greg Maroney: Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2

Greg Maroney: Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2

Listen to the new solo piano album Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2 by Greg Maroney.

He is an award winning contemporary pianist and composer whose emotionally rich and accessible music is played and loved around the world.

Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2 (2017) – 11 songs, 1 hr 1 min


This is the second in a series of improvisational CD’s with quiet meditative music. The previous album was nominated for 2016 Whisperings Album of the Year.

Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 1 (2016) – 11 songs, 57 min


Listen to more of his music at my Greg Maroney post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album  has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 2 @ Amazon (album cover)

Michele McLaughlin: Life

Michele McLaughlin: Life

Listen to solo piano music by Michele McLaughlin on her new album Life, which she describes at her web site:

Life is my 17th album release, and I am so excited to share this music with you! I have been working on this album for the last two years, and of all my albums I think this is my favorite. All of the songs on this album are deeply emotional to me, and I am very proud of what I’ve created here. It is my absolute pleasure to share my new album with you and take you on my musical journey through life. I hope you enjoy it.

Life (2017) – 13 songs, 51 min



She will do a live internet performance of her “Life – CD Release Concert” at ConcertWindow on Saturday, February 25th at 7 pm EST.


There’s a nice review of the album by Kathy Parsons at, as well as Bill Binkleman at Zone Music Reporter.

Listen to Michele describe her new album and inspiration behind the music via stories about the songs, while listening to some of the music too, on this broadcast hosted by Chrissie Sheppard of One World Music Radio. Also there is a PDF document with an Album Review by Steve Sheppard.

The Album Show feat. Michele McLaughlin and Life – 24 min



Here are some videos of songs on her new album.

At Home – 4 min 43 sec


Give It Time – 3 min 43 sec


The Storm – 3 min 11 sec


The Gift – 3 min 13 sec


Drifting Through a Dream – 3 min 19 sec


See my Michele McLaughlin music post with her albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Life @ Amazon (album cover)