My Top Songs – 2017

My Top Songs – 2017

Listen to the top 100 songs that I played on Spotify during 2017. They recently sent me an email which highlighted my 2017 music. I guess you could say that I love a wide variety of music from many genres and artists, but especially new age and piano. But I guess you probably already knew that, if you have followed my blog over the past three years.

Playlist (2017)

Your Top Songs – 2017 (Playlist) – 100 songs, 6 hr 53 min

Enjoy the following custom playlist Spotify created for me with the 100 songs that I loved most this year, all wrapped up.


Playlist (2016)

Your Top Songs – 2016 (Playlist) – 99 songs, 7 hr 4 min

If you want to hear what I listened to during 2016, here’s another custom playlist with the songs I loved the most for the previous year.



Here are various summaries they provided that reflect my Spotify listening history during 2017. Very interesting!


  • 9,231 minutes (153 hours)
  • 1,843 songs (153/month)
  • 433 artists (36/month)
  • 35 genres
  • 12 skipped tracks



  • Lost in Familiar Surrounding
  • Reflected in a Flowing Stream
  • As Seasons Change
  • Procession of Moon and Stars
  • Preludium in C Major (Variation) – J.S. Bach


  • New Age
  • Classify
  • Focus
  • New Age Piano
  • Folk-pop


The average age of Spotify listeners for Pop is 27, and 41 for New Age, whereas I am 72.

Jim Chappell

Jim Chappell

Listen to solo piano music from Jim Chappell on his most recent album The Gentle Place. He is a New Age and smooth jazz composer/recording artist of soothing, inspiring solo piano music from Carmel Valley, California with sixteen albums, including six on the Billboard Top Twenty chart.


This is my playlist of some of his songs from the latest four albums.

Jim Chappell (Playlist) – 47 songs, 2 hr 49 min


More music from Jim Chappell: albums, videos, and links.

Johannes Linstead

Johannes Linstead

Listen to a new guitar album that Johannes Linstead recently released.

He is an award-winning Canadian guitarist and instrumentalist in Latin/World/Flamenco music from Toronto who fuses virtuoso Spanish-style guitar with Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, and Latin American percussion and instrumentation. He has awards for Best Album (7), Top-Ten Billboard Charting Albums (6), and Guitarist of the Year; having developed a love for the tropics, he now calls Dominican Republic his home away from home.

Mistico (2016) – 12 songs, 51 min

More music by Johannes Linstead: albums, videos, and links …

Secret Garden: Updated

Secret Garden: Updated

I have significantly updated my original music post for Secret Garden on September 25, 2014. I added all their studio albums, popular songs, videos, and links.

Originally, I had included some songs by other Celtic artists such as Greg Joy and John Doan, as well as Innisfree Ceoil on Celtic Millenium Collection.  However, they have now been incorporated into their own music posts with much more (click on their links if you want to listen to them).

To listen to Secret Garden’s music, just click on the following link:

Photo credit: Amazon album cover

Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern

Here’s some piano music by Kevin Kern for you to listen with Spotify.

Kevin Kern is a pianist, composer, and recording artist who has become synonymous with beautiful melodic music. He has developed his own unique musical voice where melodies exude lyricism, simplicity, and a directness that touches the heart of the listener.

Though legally blind since birth, his exceptional talent soon became clear. He was found playing Silent Night on the piano at eighteen months, learned regularly with a tutor at 4, began writing music at 8, and performed with a musical group at 14.


These are some of his more popular songs.

Kevin Kern (Playlist) – 12 songs, 55 min


More Kevin Kern music, videos, and links …

Michael Hoppé

Here’s some piano music by Michael Hoppé for you to listen with Spotify.

Michael Hoppé is a Grammy-nominated composer, record producer and recording artist with exceptional melodic talent and distinctive evocative style. He has an extensive background in both pop and classical music which his recordings reflect. He has over 20 albums in the ‘new age’ or ‘classical’ category, and his music has been featured in film and television. He says his music is best described as heart music, written from the heart


Here are some his more popular songs.

Michael Hoppé (Playlist) – 40 songs, 2 hr 32 min



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