Janice Lacy Project

Janice Lacy Project

Listen to instrumental piano music by Janice Lacy Project from Los Angeles on their debut album Sanctuary for the Soul.

Fronted by pianist/composer Janice Lacy, the other Project members are Rob Mullins (piano and keyboards), Jeness (cello), Larry Antonino (bass), and Tony Braunagel (drums and percussion) – all artists in their own right. All fourteen tracks on the album were composed by Lacy, motivated by this goal:

I want my music to serve as a sanctuary, a refuge, a place of safety, peace, healing and joy, where listeners can go when they need to escape from the pressures and stress of the world around them.

There’s a nice review by Kathy Parsons at MainPiano.com.


Enjoy their debut album.

Sanctuary for the Soul (2016) – 14 songs, 47 min



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Photo credit: Sanctuary for the Soul @ Amazon (album cover)

Jim Chappell

Jim Chappell

Listen to solo piano music from Jim Chappell on his most recent album The Gentle Place. He is a New Age and smooth jazz composer/recording artist of soothing, inspiring solo piano music from Carmel Valley, California with sixteen albums, including six on the Billboard Top Twenty chart.


This is my playlist of some of his songs from the latest four albums.

Jim Chappell (Playlist) – 47 songs, 2 hr 49 min


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