Anne Trenning: Beautiful Song

Anne Trenning: Beautiful Song

Listen to instrumental piano music by Anne Trenning and Friends on the new (4th) album Beautiful Song.

It features a collection of original music by composer and pianist Anne Trenning, with curated cover selections from a multi-genre spectrum. She is joined by James Todd (cello), Bill Leslie(Celtic flute), John Magnie (accordion), Jeff Oster (flugelhorn), Ciro Hurtado (guitar), Jane Brendle (violin), David Meyer (cello), Josh Daniel (guitar), Mark Schimick (mandolin), Brandon Bush (accordion), Fred Hiscock (tenor saxophone), Jennifer Dior (flute), and Rick Dior (percussion).

Beautiful Song by Anne Trenning and Friends is a musical box of chocolates in that each piece is different from the others. Instrumentation and genre vary from piece to piece, but the title really does say it all and could easily be ‘Beautiful Songs.’ This is my favorite of Anne Trenning’s albums so far!” — Kathy Parsons,


Enjoy her new album.

Beautiful Song (2018) – 11 songs, 38 min



Watch this video of a song from the album, featuring Josh Daniel (guitar) & Mark Schimick (mandolin).

It’s a Great Day to be Alive (Darrell Scott)  – 3 min 36 sec



Here is my playlist of her songs.

Anne Trenning (Playlist) – 28 songs, 1 hr 45 min


Listen to more of her music at my Anne Trenning post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Beautiful Song @ Amazon (album cover)

Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist)

Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist)

Listen to instrumental music on this playlist that I discovered from a recent tweet by Michael Logozar and thought it needed to be shared.

This playlist was created by Laurie Ellis Petty with over 93 hours and this is her perfect description.

Beautiful and soothing peaceful piano, cello, violin, harp, and acoustic guitar, completely relaxing and calming instrumental songs. Music carefully curated to unwind and to rest to. Great for background music, the office, taking a nap, spiritual contemplation, reading/studying, or lovely listening.



Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist) – 1,612 songs, 93 hr 42 min


Heidi Breyer: Moonlight in Empty Rooms

Heidi Breyer: Moonlight in Empty Rooms

Listen to instrumental piano from Heidi Breyer on her new album Moonlight in Empty Rooms.  The album is a musical study of the art of her partner, artist Alexander Volkov.  Enjoy browsing some of his original oils on her web site, or visit Alexander’s full website for a full selection of giclees on canvas and a complete chronology of works.

New Album

Moonlight in Empty Rooms (2018) – 12 songs, 1 hr



Enjoy my playlist of her songs.

Heidi Breyer (Playlist) – 20 songs, 1 hr 29 min



Watch this video that highlights many of his wonderful paintings as he describes them and his background.

Artist Profile – Alexander Volkov (Exposures Gallery of Fine Art, Sedona, AZ) – 7 min 22 sec



Here’s some more music composed and performed by Heidi Anne Breyer along with paintings by artist Alexander Volkov.

Conversation – 4 min 22 sec


Another Place and Time – 4 min 48 sec


All Souls Lullaby – 6 min 14 sec


After the Last Rain – 3 min 53 sec


Awakenings – 4 min 50 sec


In a Region of Clouds – 4 min 16 sec


All the Good Things – 4 min 17 sec


Chaconne for our World – 7 min 11 sec


Off Season – 4 min 36 sec


American Gothic – 4 min 32 sec


And Winter Came – 4 min 32 sec


On His Wings – 5 min 28 sec


Winter Light – 5 min 17 sec


Listen to more of her music at my Heidi Breyer post with more albums, videos, and links. This new album and updated playlist has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Moonlight in Empty Rooms @ Amazon (album cover)




Luca D’Alberto

Luca D’Alberto

Listen to neo-classical music by Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Luca D’Alberto on his debut album, which he composed, arranged and played. The violin, viola, violectra, cello and piano create “sonically opulent vivid, wonder-evoking pieces conveying wintry, widescreen panoramas and a propulsive arpeggio-fueled energy.”

New Album

Endless (2017) – 9 songs, 38 min



Her Dreams (Richard Dorfmeister & Stefan Obermaier Remix) (2017) – 1 song, 5 min 45 sec


Wait for Me (Marquis Hawkins Remix) (2017) – 1 song, 7 min 11 sec



Endless (2017) – 4 min 28 sec


Wait for Me (2017) – 4 min 13 sec


Yellow Moon (2017) – 5 min 46 sec


Her Dreams – Live at Silent Green in Berlin (2017) – 10 min 48 sec


Blessed Messenger – Live practice at home (2017) – 4 min 2 sec



These are links to his website, social media, and general information.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Endless @ Amazon (album cover).

Fabrizio Paterlini: Secret Book

Fabrizio Paterlini: Secret Book

Listen to instrumental piano music by Italian contemporary music composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini on his new album that was recently released.

New Album

Enjoy his new album.

Secret Book (2017) – 14 songs, 50 min


Here is a video from the new album.

Narrow is the Way on Secret Book (2017) – 2 min 36 sec


Listen to this custom playlist with his music that he personally selected.

Best of Fabrizio Paterlini (Playlist) – 30 songs, 1 hr 39 min

See my music post on Fabrizio Paterlini for albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Secret Book @ Amazon (album cover).

Laura Sullivan: Healing Music for Meditation and Well Being

Laura Sullivan: Healing Music for Meditation and Well Being

Listen to relaxing instrumental music by Laura Sullivan on her new album that was released today.

It’s the #1 album on Amazon Hot New Releases in New Age. Her Claire De Lune arrangement has now been listened to more than 1.2 million times on Spotify. You can download 11 relaxing songs for free (with your email address).

New Album

Enjoy her new album.

Healing Music for Meditation and Well Being (2017) – 4 songs, 1 hr 2 min


Listen to my playlist with favorites of her music, including Porch Swing Night Romance, Tongass islands, Pachelbel for the Potomac, Blessed, and Claire de Lune.

Laura Sullivan (Playlist) – 27 songs, 2 hr 9 min

See my music post on Laura Sullivan for albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Healing Music for Meditation and Well Being @ Amazon (album cover).