Shakespeare’s Winks

Shakespeare’s Winks

Listen to some flute music on the new EP album Shakespeare’s Winks with music composed by Juan Maria Solare and performed by Cecilia Piehl on piccolo flute. The cover art with embroidery was done by the Serbian artist Tamara Jelača.


Juan Maria Solare is an  Argentinian composer and pianist from Buenos Aires who teaches piano and tango music and conducts several orchestras in Bremen, Germany, where he has lived since 1993. Cecilia Piehl is an Argentinian flutist living in the USA and member of the Flute Choir of Atlanta, board member at the Atlanta Flute Club, the Flute Ensemble coach at Kennesaw State University, and has an active private studio in the region. The album was recorded on May 4, 2016 at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA (about 20 minutes northwest of Atlanta).

The composition has three movements: Puck’s Pranks, Cesario’s Trap, and Mercurio’s Puns. There is also a bonus track of Puck’s Pranks which includes drums played by Juan Maria. This short album is their musical contribution to the Shakespeare anniversary year celebration since he died 400 years ago in 1616. Also it was scheduled to appear very close to Juan Maria’s 50th birthday. He describes his composition of Shakespeare’s Winks for piccolo as follows:

These pieces are related to different Shakespeare characters:

Puck is a great major character from Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are allusions to Shakespeare’s lines hidden in the score. As example: “Merry, shrewd and knavish” (the performance indication in Puck’s Pranks) is how Shakespeare describes Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream, act 2 scene 1. (“I am that merry wanderer of the night.”; “Or else you are that shrewd and knavish sprite”). I can confess that since 1993 at the latest, and perhaps before, I want to compose something related to Puck.

Cesario is actually Viola disguised as a man in Twelfth Night. The trap is that she cannot get out of that character that she invented and get trapped in the fiction (but there is a happy end). “I am not what I am.” This quote is included in the score of Cesario’s Trap.

Mercutio is an important secondary character in Romeo and Juliet, he is a friend of Romeo who permanently makes puns, word plays. For instance “Dreamers often lie”, in the double sense of “not saying the truth” and “being horizontally in bed”.

The musical language is decidedly tonal. This album, which can be filed under the genre contemporary classical, offers an accessible avant-garde sound with a transparent “melocentric” approach.


This is the EP album available for listening on Spotify.

Shakespeare’s Winks – by Juan Maria Solare (music) & Cecilia Piehl (flute) – 4 songs, 9 mins 9 sec


Here is a video with the beginning of the three pieces that was created earlier as a trailer. It also shows the evolution of the cover art embroidery created by Tamara Jelača.

Shakespeare’s Winks (Trailer) – Cecilia Piehl (piccolo flute) & Juan Maria Solare (composer) – 2 mins 37 sec

Photo credit: Shakespeare’s Winks @ Amazon (album cover)

Michael Hoppé: Playlist

Michael Hoppé: Playlist

I updated my post for music with piano, cello, violin, flute, and guitar by Michael Hoppé from October 31, 2014. Additional songs have been added to an extended playlist with more music to make listening easier.


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Photo credit: Romances for Solo Piano @ Amazon (album cover).

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Chris Glassfield

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Christmas Music: James Galway

Christmas Music: James Galway

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Photo credit: Amazon album cover