Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano

Listen to music by contemporary classical piano and electronic techno dance composer Francesco Tristano from Luxembourg on his latest album.

New Album

Enjoy his new album.

Piano Circle Songs (2017) – 15 songs, 53 min



These are his other albums.

Scandale – Duet with Alice Sara Ott (2014) – 5 songs, 1 hr 1 min


Surface Tension (2016) – 8 songs, 58 min


Idiosynkrasia (2010) – 9 songs, 1 hr


Get Physical Music Presents: Body Language, Vol. 16 by Francesco Tristano  (2015) – 17 songs, 1 hr 40 min


Auricle Bio On (feat. Moritz Von Oswald) (2008) – 3 songs, 59 min


Not for Piano (2007) – 10 songs, 50 min



Here are some singles.

Place on Lafayette (Remixes) (2016) – 4 songs, 34 min


Piano, Hats & Stabs EP (2014) – 5 songs, 29 min


Idiosynkrasia (Remixes) – EP (2011) – 3 songs, 22 min


The Melody – EP (2008) – 5 songs, 33 min


String of Life – EP (2006) – 3 songs, 21 min



Here are some videos.

Circle Song on Piano Circle Songs (2017) – 3 min 12 sec


Grey Light on Piano Circle Songs (2017) – 4 min 38 sec


Making of Piano Circle Songs (2017) – 3 min 55 sec


P:ANORIG (Sakamoto Rework, Ginseng and Pacific FM) – Feat. Derrick May – Live at Umspannwerk Kreuzberg in Berlin (2017) – 16 min 26 sec


Canzona BuxWV 168 – Buxtehude (2017) – 3 min 16 sec


The Melody with Carl Craig (2017) – 6 min 27 sec



Strings of Life with Derrick May & L’Orchestre Lamoureux – Live in Paris, France (2015) – 8 min 57 sec



These are links to his website, social media, and general information.

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Photo credit: Piano Circle Songs @ Amazon (album cover).

SXSWfm: Station to Station – Feb 21

SXSWfm: Station to Station – Feb 21

Listen to indie, alternative, synth-pop, dance, electronic, and post-punk music. Station to Station is a SXSWfm specialty radio show stream hosted by James Minor, SXSW Music Festival General Manager, that is now available on MixCloud. He plays some of his favorite new artists performing at SXSW 2017 during March 13-19.

SXSWfm_biggerSXSWfm is the official internet radio stream of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival which celebrated its 30th anniversary in Austin, Texas from March 15-20, 2016. This is a great way to discover new music.


Station to Station #3 (02/21/2017) – 38 min


This episode features the following artists and songs.


  • Closeness – More Romantic
  • Marie Davidson – Adieu Au Dancefloor
  • Die Heiterkeit – Im Zwiespalt
  • Las Kellies – Sugar Beat
  • Oum Shatt – Power to the Women of the Morning Shift
  • Modern English – Mesh & Lace
  • Alex Cameron – She’s Mine
  • SURVIVE – A.H.B.
  • Tempers – Undoing
  • Holly Macve – The Corner of My Mind
  • Federico Albanese – The Blue Hour
The xx

The xx

Listen to indie pop music by The xx from London on their new (3rd) album I See You. They are currently on tour in Europe and North America, including two sold-out concerts at Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater in Austin, Texas on May 10-11.

New Album

Enjoy this album which was just released last Friday (Jan 13).

I See You (2017) – 10 songs, 39 min

More music by The xx: albums,videos, and links



Here’s indie electro-pop dance music by Chvrches from Glasgow, Scotland for you to listen with Spotify. Their latest album “Every Open Eye” was just released on September 25, 2015.


Here are some of their more popular songs.

Chvrches (Playlist) – 24 songs, 1 hr 32 min


More Chvrches music, videos, and links …

SXSW 2015: NPR Live Concerts

Check out these live concert videos from Stephen Thompson for their NPR Music showcase at Stubb’s BBQ at  South by Southwest (SXSW) 2015 in Austin, Texas.

  1. “Could You”
  2. “Love Dog”
  3. “Winter
  • Stromae from Brussels, Belgium – 14 min 1 sec
  1. “Alors On Danse” (So We Dance)
  2. “Papaoutai”
  1. “Elevator Operator”
  2. “Pedestrian at Best”
  3. “An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)”
  4. “Depreston”
  5. “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party”
  6. “Aqua Profunda!”
  7. “Dead Fox”
  8. “Kim’s Caravan”

Also see the SXSW 2015: NPR South X Lullaby for several folk songs Bob Bolien of NPR Music recorded after the shows were over each night.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson

Here’s some electronic dance music by Porter Robinson that you can listen to on Spotify.


Here are some of his more popular songs.

“Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson on “Worlds” (2014)


“Lionhearted” by Porter Robinson on “Worlds” (2014)


“Sea Of Voices” by Porter Robinson on “Worlds” (2014)


“Unison – Knife Party Remix” by Porter Robinson on “Spitfire” (2011)


“Spitfire” by Porter Robinson on “Spitfire” (2011)


“Easy – Radio Edit” by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson on “Easy” (2013)


More Porter Robinson music and links

The Wanted

The Wanted

Here’s some dance pop music by The Wanted that you can listen to on Spotify.


Here are some of their more popular songs.

“Glad You Came” by The Wanted on “The Wanted (Special Edition)” (2012)


“Chasing The Sun” by The Wanted on “The Wanted (Special Edition)” (2012)


“We Own The Night” by The Wanted on “Word Of Mouth” (2013)


“Walks Like Rihanna” by The Wanted on “Word Of Mouth” (2013)


“I Found Out” by The Wanted on “Word Of Mouth” (2013)


More The Wanted music, videos, and links