Conspirare: Christmas 2017

Listen to the Conspirare Christmas concert with Austin singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez as special guest that was recorded live on Dec 10 at 7:30 pm CST from the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas.

It was streamed on their YouTube channel at Conspirare Christmas, but it is still available so you can watch it whenever you have time to enjoy it.  Sometimes it’s not easy to catch these live events, especially during this busy time of the year. Please see  the Conspirare website for more information. A PDF version of the printed program is available here.

Conspirare is a Grammy® award-winning choral ensemble that creates exceptional concert experiences and world-class recordings under the incomparable direction of Craig Hella Johnson. A repertoire as diverse as our talent showcases our artists’ rigorous classical training while expressing the voices of distinctive composers from Bach to Barber, Handel to Kyr, Lassus to Lang.  Inspired by the power of music to transform lives, Conspirare performances are musical magic.

If you have never experienced listening to Conspirare, they are absolutely wonderful!  Truly amazing.  This is your opportunity to hear them live.  If you have a smart TV, Apple TV, or Roku, you can enjoy the event on a large screen and high-quality  speakers.

They were excited to share this program with friends around the world. Please invite your friends and family to watch too!

Christmas 2017 – Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas (Dec 10, 2017) – 1 hr 55 min



Enjoy their Christmas albums recorded live at The Carillon in Austin, Texas..

Beautiful City – Christmas 2016 – 28 songs, 1 hr 11 min


Singing Heart – Christmas 2015 – 29 songs, 1 hr 12 min


Unclouded Day – Christmas 2013 – 32 songs, 1 hr 17 min


One Voice – Christmas 2012 – 27 songs, 1 hr, 13 min


Love Again – Christmas 2007 – 29 songs, 1 hr, 18 min

Listen to more of his music at my Conspirare post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well along with an updated playlist.

Photo credit: Beautiful City – Christmas 2016 @ Amazon (album cover)

Michael Logozar & Louis Landon

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Whisperings solo piano concert by Michael Logozar & Louis Landon last night at the Steinway Piano Gallery showroom in Austin, Texas. We were lucky to have a front row seat listening to them play a 9-foot Steinway model D Concert Grand piano. I have attended several house concerts at Michael & Kendra Logozar’s, but this was the first time I had the chance to meet Louis and hear him in person.

Concert Playlist

It was a lovely evening listening to their music, and I thought I would share the concert playlist for you to enjoy as well. They finished the evening with a two-person improvisation based on just 3 notes selected by an audience member. Amazing talent!

Michael Logozar & Louis Landon (Playlist) – Whisperings concert @ Steinway Austin (3/31/17) – 17 songs, 1 hr 10 min


Extended Playlists

These are my extended playlists if you would like to listen to more of their music, and click on artist names for albums, videos, and links.

Michael Logozar (Playlist) – 37 songs, 2 hr 31 min


Louis Landon (Playlist) – 70 songs, 5 hr 18 min


Whisperings Solo Piano: All-Star Concert – Live Broadcast

Whisperings Solo Piano: All-Star Concert – Live Broadcast

On Sunday, January 22, 2017Whisperings Solo Piano Radio had their biggest piano concert of the year…  The Whisperings “All-Star” Concert and Awards Show with a live video internet broadcast.

This was a 3-hour solo piano concert with performances by 16 artists, including all the nominees for Whisperings Album of the Year, with Adam Andrews announced as the winner for Prayers in the Dark at the end of the show. It’s a great way to discover new artists you are sure to enjoy! Listen to the best of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio! This special event was a fantastic experience, but you can still enjoy the music here, except for the improvisation by Doug Hammer and Louis Landon at the end.


Watch these live performances from the Whisperings All-Star Concert in LA on Jan 22, 2017.

Overcome by David Nevue – 3 min 53 sec


Call of the Canyon by Joe Bongiorno – 4 min 52 sec


Afternoon Reverie by Jeff Borck – 4 min 17 sec



Here’s my playlist of songs played live during the concert.

Whisperings All-Star Concert & Awards (Jan 22, 2017) – 17 songs, 1 hr 11 min


2016 Album of the Year

The following was announced as winner of 2016 Whisperings Album of the Year.

Prayers in the Dark by Adam Andrews (2016) – 12 songs, 43 min

Prayers in the Dark and Out of Heaven were played in the concert.


2016 Christmas Album of the Year

The following was announced as winner of the 2016 Whisperings Christmas Album of the Year.

Christmas Lights by Doug Hammer (2016) – 18 songs, 1 hr 9 min


For more information about the concert, see my earlier post for Whisperings: All-Star Concert & Awards – 2017. You can listen via Spotify to the 7 nominated albums from Greg Maroney, Janice Faber, Adam Andrews, David Hicken, Kevin Kern, Dan Chadburn, and Shoshana Michel. Also, you can access my music posts with highlighted songs and all albums so you can listen to them and the other 9 performers: Lisa Downing, Steven Cravis, Jeff Bjorck, Rhonda Mackert, Tim Neumark, Neil Patton, Joe Bongiorno, Joe Yamada, and David Nevue.

Whisperings: All-Star Concert & Awards – 2017

Whisperings: All-Star Concert & Awards – 2017

Listen to piano music by Whisperings Solo Piano artists nominated for the 2016 Whisperings Album of the Year.

The “Whisperings Solo Piano – All Star Concert & Awards – 2017” show will be held on Sunday Jan 22, 2017 at 3 pm PT in the Grand Ballroom of the Avenue of the Arts Hotel at Costa Mesa, California. The 3-hour live concert will include 16 performances including all of the following seven 2016 Whisperings Album of the Year finalists, and the winner will be announced at the end of the evening. Their nominated albums are shown in parentheses, and have been featured below so you listen to these artists.

Adam Andrews (Prayers in the Dark), Janice Faber (Piece & Quiet), David Hicken (Stories of You), Kevin Kern (When I Remember), Shoshana Michel (Dancing on the Wind), Dan Chadburn (Beyond Words), and Greg Maroney (Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 1).

Also, there will be nine additional live performance by these artists:

Lisa Downing, Jeff Bjorck, Steven Cravis, Rhonda MackertNeil Patton, Tim NeumarkJoe Bongiorno, Joe Yamada, and David Nevue.

You might want to listen to my music posts for several of these artists (names with links in bold). I highlight Christmas music for many of them in December as well. I plan to add more music posts for the others in the future.

See 2016 Whisperings Album Nominations to listen to all the albums by the nominated artists.

2015 Whisperings Concert Highlights – 13 min 46 sec


My previous posts have information about earlier concerts and nominations, including playlists, albums, and highlight videos.

The Head and the Heart @ Stubb’s Austin

The Head and the Heart @ Stubb’s Austin

I attended a concert by The Head and the Heart at the Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater on October 28, 2016 in Austin, Texas, with British singer/songwriter Declan McKenna opening.


These are some videos from the evening that you might enjoy.

Paracetamol by Declan McKenna – 4 min 32 sec


All We Ever Knew on Signs of Light (2016) – 4 min 7 sec


Let’s Be Still on Let’s Be Still (2013) – 6 min 11 sec


Down in the Valley on The Head and the Heart (2010) – 3 min 22 sec


Sounds Like Hallelujah on The Head and the Heart (2010) – 3 min 3 sec


Cats and Dogs on The Head and the Heart (2010) – 6 min 49 sec


Colors on Signs of Light (2016) – 3 min 56 sec


Lost in My Mind on The Head and the Heart (2010) – 4 min 30 sec


Rivers and Roads on The Head and the Heart (2010) – 5 min 40 sec


I took additional short clips as well but my iPhone kept running out of space (most were probably less than a minute). Then I would frantically try to delete some apps to clear some room, but this would repeat on quite a few more songs. So I felt they were all too short to share and didn’t include them.

If you want to listen to more music from The Head and the Heart, see my post with playlist, albums, videos, and links.

Concert: Michele McLaughlin & Joe Bongiorno

Concert: Michele McLaughlin & Joe Bongiorno

There was a live internet video concert on Sunday August 28 featuring Whispering Solo Piano artists Michele McLaughlin and Joe Bongiorno for the Piano Haven Concert Series from Sedona, Arizona.


I created a special solo piano playlist which features my favorites from Joe Bongiorno & Michele McLaughlin. With almost 5 hours of wonderful music, you can enjoy this during the week, but make sure to see them perform live, especially since Joe has a new album Love’s Light coming out next week on Oct 1st.

Piano Joe & Michele (Playlist) – 71 songs, 4 hr 44 min


Although this was a unique opportunity to hear them live in concert, you can always access my music posts for Michele McLaughlin and Joe Bongiorno with playlists, albums, videos, and links so you can listen to more of their music.