Fabrizio Paterlini: Transitions II

Fabrizio Paterlini: Transitions II

Listen to instrumental piano music by Italian contemporary music composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini on his latest album Transitions II.


Transitions II (2020) – 8 songs, 11 min



Fabrizio Paterlini (Playlist) – 10 songs, 33 min


See my music post on Fabrizio Paterlini for more albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Transitions II @ Amazon (album cover).

Mr & Mrs Cello

Mr & Mrs Cello

Listen to cello music by Mr & Mrs Cello on their latest album Crossover Three. They are Mr. Massimiliano Martinelli and Mrs. Fulvia Mancini from Italy, currently living in Switzerland. I also included their earlier albums and videos.


Crossover Three  (2020) – 6 songs, 22 min


Crossover Two  (2019) – 5 songs, 23 min


Crossover One  (2018) – 8 songs, 36 min


Bach Cello Suites – Massimiliano Martinelli (2019) – 36 songs, 2 hr 32 min



Nuvole Bianche by Ludivico Einaudi – on Crossover Three (2020) – 6 min 37 sec


Shallow (Lady Gaga) – on Crossover Three (2020) – 3 min 27 sec


Love is a Losing Game (Amy Winehouse) – on Crossover Three (2020) – 3 min 36 sec


Tu Sei by Ludovico Einaudi – on Crossover Two (2019) – 5 min 43 sec


Live Performances – with Young Hokkaido Philharmony at Sun Plaza Hall in Sapporo, Japan (2016)


A. Vivaldi Doppio concerto in G minor for two cellos and orchestra, Allegro – 4 min 8 sec


A. Dvorak: Waldesruhe op. 68 for Cello and Orchestra – Fulvia Mancini – 6 min 15 sec


P.I. Tchaikovsky Pezzo Capriccioso op. 62 – Massimiliano Martinelli – 8 min 24 sec


G. Sollima: “ViolonCelles Vibrez” (for 8 cellos) – 12 min 1 sec



Here are links for his website, social media, and general information.

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Photo credit: Crossover Three @ Amazon (album cover)

Fabrizio Paterlini: Transitions

Fabrizio Paterlini: Transitions

Listen to instrumental piano music by Italian contemporary music composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini on several recent albums Transitions and Winter Stories. The videos with all songs on Transitions were shot in the beautiful Villa Dionisi in Cerea (Verona, Italy) during Summer 2019.


Transitions (2019) – 8 songs, 11 min


Winter Stories (2018) – 8 songs, 22 min



Transitions (2019) – 13 min 24 sec



Fabrizio Paterlini (Playlist) – 10 songs, 33 min


See my music post on Fabrizio Paterlini for albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Transitions @ Amazon (album cover).

Miloš Karadaglić: Sound of Silence

Miloš Karadaglić: Sound of Silence

Listen to classical guitar music by Miloš Karadaglić on his latest album Sound of Silence.

Sound of Silence (2019) – 16 songs, 44 min



The Sound of Silence on Sound of Silence (2019) – 3 min 28 sec


Sour Times on Sound of Silence (2019) – 3 min 31 sec


Somewhere Over the Rainbow on Sound of Silence (2019) – 3 min 25 sec


Listen to more of his music at Miloš Karadaglić for more albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Sound of Silence @ Amazon (album cover).

Thomas Hewitt Jones: Neoclassical

Thomas Hewitt Jones: Neoclassical

Listen to music by Thomas Hewitt Jones on his recent album Neoclassical, as well as earlier releases. He is an award-winning British composer of contemporary classical and commercial music. Additional performers on this latest album include the fabulous Carducci String Quartet, Connor Smither (trumpet), Lois Nicholl (flute), Steve Payne (horn), Simon Hewitt Jones (violin), and Annalisa Suppa.


Enjoy his latest album.

Neoclassical (2019) – 15 songs, 38 min


Here is my playlist of his songs.

Thomas Hewitt Jones (Playlist) – 48 songs, 2 hr 8 min


More albums and links…

My Top Songs – 2018

Listen to the top 100 songs that I played on Spotify during 2018.

They recently sent me an email which highlighted my 2018 music. I love a wide variety of music from many genres and artists, but you probably already knew that, if you have followed my blog over the past 4 years. In fact, Spotify called me “adventurous” because I listened to “non-mainstream” artists 159% more than the average Spotify user. I also included my top songs for 2017 and 2016.

Playlist (2018)

Your Top Songs – 2018 (Playlist) – 100 songs, 7 hr 23 min

Enjoy the following custom playlist Spotify created for me with the 100 songs that I loved most this year, all wrapped up.


Playlist (2017)

Your Top Songs – 2017 (Playlist) – 100 songs, 6 hr 53 min


Playlist (2016)

Your Top Songs – 2016 (Playlist) – 99 songs, 7 hr 4 min



Here are various summaries they provided that reflect my Spotify listening history during 2018. Very interesting!


  • 11,288 minutes (188 hours – 22% more than 2017)
  • 2,736 songs (228/month)

Top Artists

Top Songs

  • Dressed on Festen (2017) by Milos Milonakis
  • Questions on The Journey, Vol. 1 (2018) by Cinthia Garcia
  • Slow Down
  • Luminous on Encounters of the Beautiful Kind (2018) by Rachel LaFond
  • A Beautiful Distraction on Waking the Muse (2013) by Michele McLaughlin

Top Genres

  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Indie
  • Roots

Oldest Song

Even with all the newfangled music coming out, I still found time for oldies like this.

Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo on Mascagni:Cavalleria Rusticana (Remastered) (1953) by Renato Cellini


Tastebreakers (Playlist) – 50 songs, 4 hr 4 min

To broaden my horizons in 2019, Spotify created this playlist of songs from genres and artists I don’t usually explore.