Conspirare: Go Light Your World

Listen to choral music by Conspirare on their latest album Go Light Your World from their Christmas 2018 concert with special guests Ruthie Foster and Matt Alber that was recorded live st the Carillon in Austin, Texas. I also included another recent album.


Go Light Your World (2020) – 21 songs, 1 hr 11 min


The Hope of Loving (2019) – 15 songs, 1 hr 19 min


Listen to more of their music at my Conspirare post with additional albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Go Light Your World @ Amazon (album cover)

Loretta Lynn: Wouldn’t It Be Great

Loretta Lynn: Wouldn’t It Be Great

Listen to country music by legendary singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn on her latest (#45) solo album Wouldn’t It Be Great.

Wouldn’t It Be Great (2018) – 13 songs, 36 min


You might also enjoy her latest non-Christmas album Full Circle released earlier.

Photo credit: Wouldn’t It Be Great @ Amazon (album cover)

Conspirare: Christmas 2017

Listen to the Conspirare Christmas concert with Austin singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez as special guest that was recorded live on Dec 10 at 7:30 pm CST from the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas.

It was streamed on their YouTube channel at Conspirare Christmas, but it is still available so you can watch it whenever you have time to enjoy it.  Sometimes it’s not easy to catch these live events, especially during this busy time of the year. Please see  the Conspirare website for more information. A PDF version of the printed program is available here.

Conspirare is a Grammy® award-winning choral ensemble that creates exceptional concert experiences and world-class recordings under the incomparable direction of Craig Hella Johnson. A repertoire as diverse as our talent showcases our artists’ rigorous classical training while expressing the voices of distinctive composers from Bach to Barber, Handel to Kyr, Lassus to Lang.  Inspired by the power of music to transform lives, Conspirare performances are musical magic.

If you have never experienced listening to Conspirare, they are absolutely wonderful!  Truly amazing.  This is your opportunity to hear them live.  If you have a smart TV, Apple TV, or Roku, you can enjoy the event on a large screen and high-quality  speakers.

They were excited to share this program with friends around the world. Please invite your friends and family to watch too!

Christmas 2017 – Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas (Dec 10, 2017) – 1 hr 55 min



Enjoy their Christmas albums recorded live at The Carillon in Austin, Texas..

Beautiful City – Christmas 2016 – 28 songs, 1 hr 11 min


Singing Heart – Christmas 2015 – 29 songs, 1 hr 12 min


Unclouded Day – Christmas 2013 – 32 songs, 1 hr 17 min


One Voice – Christmas 2012 – 27 songs, 1 hr, 13 min


Love Again – Christmas 2007 – 29 songs, 1 hr, 18 min

Listen to more of his music at my Conspirare post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well along with an updated playlist.

Photo credit: Beautiful City – Christmas 2016 @ Amazon (album cover)

Michele McLaughlin: Christmas Plain & Simple III

Michele McLaughlin: Christmas Plain & Simple III

Listen to solo piano Christmas music by Michele McLaughlin on her new album Christmas Plain & Simple III.

I have included the earlier Christmas albums in her Plain & Simple series with videos of her Christmas songs, along with my custom playlist of all her Christmas music.

There’s the nice review by Kathy Parsons at of the new album, as well as earlier releases Plain & Simple II, and Plain & Simple.


Enjoy her Christmas music.

Christmas Plain & Simple III (2017) – 12 songs, 34 min


Christmas Plain & Simple II (2010) – 15 songs, 45 min


Christmas Plain & Simple (2005) – 15 songs, 42 min



My custom playlist includes music from all her Christmas albums together.

Christmas Playlist – 42 songs, 2 hr 2 min



Here are videos of songs on her Christmas albums.

Sing We Now at Christmas on Christmas Plain & Simple III (2017) – 2 min 40 sec


Melancholy Snowfall on Christmas Plain & Simple II (2010) – 3 min 51 sec


Little Drummer Boy on Christmas Plain & Simple II (2010) – 3 min 24 sec


O Come Emmanuel on Christmas Plain & Simple II (2010) – 3 min 24 sec


O Christmas Tree on Christmas Plain & Simple II (2010) – 3 min 37 sec


Midwinter Memories on Christmas Plain & Simple II (2010) – 5 min 58 sec


Winter Solstice on Christmas Plain & Simple (2005) – 3 min 37 sec


Silent Night on Christmas Plain & Simple (2005) – 2 min 59 sec


Celtic Christmas on Christmas Plain & Simple (2005) – 2 min 44 sec


See my Michele McLaughlin music post with her albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Christmas: Plain & Simple III  @ Amazon (album cover)