Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist)

Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist)

Listen to instrumental music on this playlist that I discovered from a recent tweet by Michael Logozar and thought it needed to be shared.

This playlist was created by Laurie Ellis Petty with over 93 hours and this is her perfect description.

Beautiful and soothing peaceful piano, cello, violin, harp, and acoustic guitar, completely relaxing and calming instrumental songs. Music carefully curated to unwind and to rest to. Great for background music, the office, taking a nap, spiritual contemplation, reading/studying, or lovely listening.



Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist) – 1,612 songs, 93 hr 42 min


2Cellos: Score

2Cellos: Score

Listen to cello music by 2Cellos, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser from Croatia, on their new (4th) album Score. These are their versions of the most beautiful film music played with the London Symphony Orchestra. They currently are performing live on worldwide tour all year.

Score (2017) – 14 songs, 1 hr 1 min



Here are some videos of songs on their new album.

Now We Are Free – Gladiator – 6 min 43 sec


Moon River – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 3 min 18 sec


Game of Thrones Medley – 5 min 3 sec


See my 2Cellos music post with her albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Score @ Amazon (album cover)

The Piano Guys: Jurassic World Theme

The Piano Guys: Jurassic World Theme

A new video, “Jurassic World Theme”, was recently released on YouTube by The Piano Guys. I have updated my music post from October 24, 2014 with this new video.


“Jurassic World Theme” by The Piano Guys (2015) – 4 min 40 sec


Listen to their music at my The Piano Guys post for more of their songs, albums, videos, and links. It has also been incorporated into the videos there.

Photo credit: Wonders @ Amazon (album cover)