Blog Statistics – Feb 2015

Our first assignment for Blogging 201 (Feb 2015) was to set three goals for our blog. First, I thought it would be helpful to understand my current status and site statistics for the past 5 months since I started this blog. It seemed like that might help me to determine realistic targets that I might be able to achieve this month.

See my post Blog Goals – Feb 2015 which describes the goals I established in Blogging 201 (Feb 2015) to accomplish by the end of this month. Originally, I included these statistics there, but decided to extract it into this separate post since it really was just background details that everyone might not be interested in.

Current Status

Currently, I have created 383 posts, for an average 2.5 posts per day. They have had 3,955 total views by 2,149 unique visitors to my site, for an average of 26 views per day with 72 being the most in a single day. There are 104 WordPress followers reading my blog updates, as well as 120 Email subscriptions, 10 Twitter followers, and 7 Facebook followers. I have received 216 comments from readers, and there have been more than 715 likes on my posts.

Monthly Statistics

Here’s a summary of monthly site statistics since I started my blog that some might find interesting.

Month Views Views/Day Visitors Visitors/Day Likes Comments Posts
Sep 238 8 92 3 44 23 19
Oct 705 23 251 8 147 58 95
Nov 907 30 468 16 212 74 50
Dec 1292 42 781 25 236 36 151
Jan 782 25 535 17 76 15 66
AVG 785 26 425 14 143 41 76

Blog Goals – Feb 2015


I just started my blog on September 17, 2014 during the Blogging 101 (Zero to Hero) workshop. Then I followed that right away with Blogging 201 (Branding and Growth) in October as well as Photography 101 during November. In December, my posts focused primarily on Christmas music. Now I’m taking Blogging 201 again in February to help me kick off 2015 by enhancing and growing my blog further.

I have really enjoyed blogging much more that I expected. I had been thinking about doing a blog for quite a while when I started it almost 5 months ago now, and it’s quite a surprise to see how it has evolved so far. I thought now would be a good time to do this 2-week Blogging 201 challenge again since it helped so much last time. This refresher might enable me to extend my blog more with another kick start to refine my brand, build my audience, grow my traffic, and resurface older posts.

To help determine realistic goal targets, I analyzed the current status of my blog as well as site statistics summary over the past 5 months, and the results have been extracted from here and are now available in a separate related Blog Statistics – Feb 2015 post, if you are interested in such details.

February Goals

Assignment #1 (Set Three Goals) asks us to consider what we want to accomplish with our blog, and identify three concrete goals that we want to achieve. Therefore, I would like to accomplish the following goals by February 28th.

  1. Expand readers and traffic. Reach these specific targets measured by my blog site statistics: 450 posts, 4500 views, 150 followers, 250 comments, and 800 likes. Also, grow blog access via social networks by expanding followers to 25 on Twitter and 15 on Facebook.
  2. Extend my content. Increase range and diversity of my posts beyond music so that there will be more travel, photo, recipes, writing, and other blog topics that will interest more readers and realize the focus described on my About page.
  3. Enhance my brand. Review my site for possible improvements in blog title, tag line, theme, sidebar widgets, and site organization. Provide renewed focus for older content, such as music and photos. Participate in weekly photo challenges.

I appreciate all my followers, their comments, and enjoy reading so many great blogs. Also, it has opened new areas for me, such as composing articles, writing stories, sparking interest in photography, and even reading poetry. And of course, there’s still the music and I want to keep making continual improvements as I refine my blog’s brand and extend its growth and reach a wider audience.

I’m looking forward to my blog reaching another level with thanks to the Blogging University staff and all my fellow bloggers. Thank you for helping me reach my goals.

If you’re curious, you might like to see My Blog Goals and Blog Goal Achievements posts from the earlier Blogging 201 workshop in October 2014.


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog.

I’m amazed at the progress with my new blog after just 3 1/2 months. I just started it on September 17, 2014 in Blogging 101, extended  it with Photography 101 throughout October, and enhanced and grew it further in November with Blogging 201.

I have created 316 posts which had 3,200 views by 1.595 visitors, including 639 likes and 191 comments, and now I have 96 WordPress followers as well as 106 email subscriptions.

I would like to thank all my visitors and followers, and I appreciate all the interaction with your likes and comments while reading and listening to my blog. I have really enjoyed this experience and all the connections it has created. I’m looking forward to 2015.

Click here to see the complete report.


I hope you enjoy your visit to my site – reading, listening, and watching … and come back often.


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Check out my personal playlists.

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Travel posts feature photos from an 8-day Viking Rhine Cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as an extended 2-week Germany Trip with visits to Munich, Salzburg (Austria), Romantic Road (Nördlingen, Dinkelsbühl, Rothenberg ob der Tauber), Leipzig, and Berlin.


Writing posts includes my Poetry assignments in the Writing 201: Poetry course in Feb 2015. Best Stories features a few articles with stories, short quotes, and thoughts about my grandchildren, children, and parents.


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Blog Goal Achievements

Here’s a summary of milestone achievements for the Blog Goals that I established during the Blogging 201 workshop on Branding and Growth.

1. I have reached my milestone targets to expand readers and traffic on the following dates. I show the current statistics (on Nov 6), as well as the starting base count (on Oct 21), along with the percentage growth over those 15 days.

Milestone Goal Current Base Growth %
Oct 22 100 Likes 200 50+ 400
Oct 27 100 Posts 136 78 174
Oct 31 50 Followers 59 26 227
Nov 2 1,000 Views 1,170 603 194
Nov 5 100 Comments 101 58 174

2. Also, I have successfully extending blog access into Facebook and Twitter social networks. In fact, I now have 3 Facebook followers and my Twitter posts have even been favorited and retweeted by several music artists.  Furthermore, I have extended my readers more with members of my Photography 101 course, as well as my participation in National Blog Posting Month (NatBloPoMo) during November where I have received multiple referrers to my blog.

3. Finally, I have enhanced my web site by integrating many new features to improve access to my archives based on monthly statistics analysis, as well as reviewing likes and comments. In additional to Music, I extended my web site with posts about other topics such as Travel, Photos, Writing, and even Recipes.

Thank you for helping me reach my goals.


I reached my final Blogging 201 goal of 100 Comments on my web site.

My other blog goals were 100 Posts, 100 Likes, 50 Followers, and 1,000 Views, which I have also achieved.  I had set ambitious targets to be completed by the end of Blogging 201 on Oct 31, so I was only 5 days over that.   Not bad, considering that I just started my blog on Sep 17. I summarized my milestone achievements in Blog Goal Achievements, and updated my original Blog Goals post to indicate that they had been reached.

I appreciate all your comments, and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new friends.  Thanks for reading, listening, and watching my blog.



Fantastic! I have reached another milestone in the growth of my blog since I now have over 1,000 views on WordPress.


I had set this target for Oct 31st, so I was only a few days short on getting there (and I still consider that good).

I had already reached my other goals of 100 posts, 100 likes, and 50 followers.  Now I only have one remaining; I currently have 85 comments (target 100 – only 15 more), so I’m very close to making all my ambitious goals.

Thanks for following my blog, reading, and listening.