One Year

Recently I passed my one year anniversary since I created this blog on September 17, 2014 during the Blogging 101 “Zero to Hero” workshop. I’ve just been very busy the past few weeks, and didn’t get around to announcing this milestone until now.

Here’s a summary of my blog statistics. I have created almost 700 posts and 100 pages, including nearly 600 music posts. There have been almost 7,000 views by about 4,000 visitors with around 400 comments. Also, I have 194 followers via Email subscriptions, 155 on WordPress Reader, 31 from Twitter, and 8 through Facebook.

I’m quite amazed that I am actually still doing this. It’s been fun and I’m enjoying it very much, and plan to continue. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading so many great blogs, meeting interesting people, and sharing my life and music that I like with others.

Thanks for reading, listening, and following.



Great news! I have reached another significant milestone. WordPress says that today I now have 1,000 Likes on my web site. Thanks for letting me know what you like. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the music, photos, and travel posts. It always helps to see that my blog is on track with its readers.

Currently, I have 1,034 Likes from 6,111 Views (17% Liked) by 3,455 Visitors (1.7 views/visit). I have created 547 Posts and 80 Pages, and received 294 Comments. There are 137 WordPress followers, 167 Email subscriptions, 22 following on Twitter, and 8 on Facebook. The most views per day was 74 on November 7, 2014.

I have really enjoyed my experience over the past 9 months since I started my blog on September 17, 2014. I reached 200 Likes on Nov 3 (first 2 months during Blogging 101), then 500 by Dec 15 (just 1 month during both Blogging 201, Photo 101, and Christmas music), and now 1000 (6 months later). It’s wonderful to meet so many interesting people whose blogs I get to read every day.

I have been preparing a series of posts which feature my recent Viking River Cruise on the Rhine and extended trip through Germany. I took almost 4,000 photos during our three weeks visiting so many interesting destinations. It has taken quite a while reviewing and organizing my photos, including selecting highlights for sharing in my blog. I am creating a photo web site as a better way to store and share my photos, and I will integrate that with my WordPress blog. I expect to begin daily posts starting in the next several days.

500 Posts

500 Posts

I passed another milestone now that I have created over 500 posts (and 76 pages) for my blog in just over 6 months since I started it during the Blogging 101 course. The majority so far have been about Music (422), followed by Photos (35) and Blog (35), then Travel (16), and finally Recipes (2).

My blog has about 3,000 visitors with over 5,100 views, almost 900 likes, and over 250 comments. There are 126 WordPress followers, 153 email subscribers, 19 on Twitter, and 8 for Facebook.

Thanks for visiting, reading, listening, and following.


I passed another milestone with over 5,000 views. My blog has grown quite a bit since it was started only 6 months ago on September 17, 2014 during the Blogging 101 course.

I have created 488 posts and 76 pages with 2,901 visitors, 869 likes, and 245 comments. There are 124 WordPress followers, 151 email subscribers, 19 on Twitter, and 8 for Facebook.

Thanks for visiting, reading, listening, and following my blog.


Great news. Recently I reached another milestone with 100 WordPress followers on my blog.

100 FollowersAlso there are 116 Email subscriptions, 7 on Facebook, and 10 from Twitter. Currently, I have had 1,951 Visitors with 3,633 Views (average 1.9 views per visit) with 690 Likes (or 19% Liked) and most views per day of 72. I have created 362 Posts and 51 Pages, and received 208 Comments.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the interaction for my blog on Twitter. My Twitter posts have been favorited and/or retweeted by these music artists, thus sharing my blog with their followers: Fiona Joy, Tim Glemser, Gary Girouard, Brad Jacobsen, Tim Neumark, Laura Sullivan, Stanton Lanier, Kevin Kern, Brian Crain, Christine Brown, Doug HammerAmy LaurenVin DownesBirds of ChicagoDavid Nevue, Thad Fiscella, Ron Korb, Mannheim Steamroller, and Scott D. Davis.

I have received Twitter replies from: Laura Sullivan, Christine Brown, Doug Hammer, Gary Girouard, Brad Jacobsen, Tim Glemser, Tim Neumark, and Amy Lauren. The following have even followed me: Philip Wesley, Doug Hammer, Gary Girouard, Brad Jacobsen, Tim Glemser, and Vin Downes. You can listen to music via Spotify from these artists by clicking on the links for their names.

I have really enjoyed my experience over the past 4 months since I started my blog on September 17, 2014 in the Blogging 101 workshop. It’s wonderful to meet so many interesting people whose blogs I get to read every day.

Thanks for following, reading, and listening. I also appreciate you letting me know what you like, and your interaction with  comments. This helps when I conduct my monthly blog statistics analysis.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog.

I’m amazed at the progress with my new blog after just 3 1/2 months. I just started it on September 17, 2014 in Blogging 101, extended  it with Photography 101 throughout October, and enhanced and grew it further in November with Blogging 201.

I have created 316 posts which had 3,200 views by 1.595 visitors, including 639 likes and 191 comments, and now I have 96 WordPress followers as well as 106 email subscriptions.

I would like to thank all my visitors and followers, and I appreciate all the interaction with your likes and comments while reading and listening to my blog. I have really enjoyed this experience and all the connections it has created. I’m looking forward to 2015.

Click here to see the complete report.


I hope you enjoy your visit to my site – reading, listening, and watching … and come back often.


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