Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist)

Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist)

Listen to instrumental music on this playlist that I discovered from a recent tweet by Michael Logozar and thought it needed to be shared.

This playlist was created by Laurie Ellis Petty with over 93 hours and this is her perfect description.

Beautiful and soothing peaceful piano, cello, violin, harp, and acoustic guitar, completely relaxing and calming instrumental songs. Music carefully curated to unwind and to rest to. Great for background music, the office, taking a nap, spiritual contemplation, reading/studying, or lovely listening.



Relaxing Instrumental Music (Playlist) – 1,612 songs, 93 hr 42 min


Vin Downes: When the Sea Lets Go

Vin Downes: When the Sea Lets Go

Listen to acoustic fingerstyle guitar music by Vin Downes on his new album When the Sea Lets Go. This album includes ten new compositions for solo guitar and was produced by Grammy Award winners Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.

When the Sea Lets Go (2017) – 10 songs, 45 min


Listen to more of his music at my Vin Downes post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well, along with a new playlist and additional live videos.

Photo credit: When the Sea Lets Go @ Amazon (album cover)