Favorite Photos

These are the 10 most popular photo posts viewed on my blog as of February 28, 2014. During November, I participated in the Photography 101 workshop where we posted photos each day based on the selected theme.

Morning Rainbow

The only one outside of the Photo 101 assignments was the Morning Rainbow panoramic photo taken from my deck, which still remains popular. There are also many photos included in my Travel posts, but they have not been included here under Photos, although my Popular Trips page shows some of them.

I have a Photography 101 sub-menu page which is a photo calendar that shows all my photos for the workshop assignments by day with the theme/title for each one that can be clicked to see that photo post. It was interesting that this was viewed the most, although it was referenced in the course wrap-up post viewed by many participants.

Rank Title Subject Views
1 Photography 101 Photo 101 Calendar 55
2 Home Photo 101 #01 41
3 Treasure Photo 101 #16 40
4 Street – Cheesesteak War Photo 101 #02 36
5 Warmth Photo 101 #09 35
6 Pop of Color Photo 101 #11 31
7 Mystery Photo 101 #10 28
8 Water Photo 101 #03 22
9 Morning Rainbow Rainbow 20
10 The Natural World – Rio Grande Photo 101 #08 19

Enjoy viewing my photos, especially those that other readers viewed the most. Check out my Photo Gallery page which highlights my best photos. The Photo Summary page shows all the most recent photos by date. I will update these Favorite Photos results monthly.

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