Music Calendar – May 2015

This calendar shows all my music posts for May 2015 organized in calendar format with the day, genre, and artist.

Clicking on any title will take you directly to that music in another browser window so you listen to it on Spotify, without losing your place in the index if you want to check out some others. I thought that this would be easier than scrolling through all the posts to see what you might be interested in. Last month’s calendar is available for April.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Kim Robertson: Playlist
05/03 05/04 05/05 05/06 05/07 05/08 05/09
05/10 05/11 05/12 05/13 05/14 05/15 05/16
05/17 05/18 05/19 05/20 05/21 05/22 05/23
05/24 05/25 05/26 05/27 05/28 05/29 05/30

Michele McLaughlin: Playlist – Extended

Christine Brown: Playlist – Extended

Michael Logozar: Playlist – Extended

Kendra Logozar: Playlist – Extended

House Concert: Christine Brown with Michael and Kendra Logozar

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