User Persona


My Diabetes Meals (by: Doug Warren)

I have identified the following possible user personas to represent different types of users for my app.

  1. Doug: iOS developer with Type 2 diabetes using One Drop and Diabetes Meal Plans
  2. One Drop Mobile users
  3. Diabetes Meal Plans users
  4. All persons with diabetes
  5. Any healthy cooking enthusiast

Initially I will just work on the user persona for Doug, and expand to additional personas for various market segments as design and development proceeds.

User 1: Doug


Doug is a 73-year old married male with college degree in economics who lives near Austin, Texas, USA. He has had Type 2 diabetes fo 12 years and takes Metformin (1000 mg) at breakfast and dinner, as well as insulin at bedtime and before meals as needed. He has an Apple iPhone, One Drop Premium subscription, and Diabetes Meal Plans VIP membership. He wants to get an Apple Watch soon to help further with his health.


Name: Doug Warren

Age: 73

Gender: Male

Status: Married

Education: College degree (4 yr)

Occupation: Software developer & book/blog editor

Location: Lago Vista, Texas, USA (near Austin)

Quote/Tagline: I focus a lot on my diabetes, but would like to integrate my glucose and food carb data with meal photos, plans, recipes, and links.

Professional Background

Education: A.B. in Economics, Rutgers College

Company / Job Title: IBM / Senior Advisor

Work Experience: Currently, he is an iOS developer for diabetes applications. Over the past year, he has been a freelance editor with Reedsy for books, websites, and blog articles. He is a technical proofreader, editor, and reviewer of technical books on open source software technologies from Manning Publications (since 2001). He was an enterprise software architect with Countrywide Financial (now Bank of America) for 6 years. Before that, his 33-year career with IBM included Senior Advisor with IBM Global Services, Senior Consultant with IBM National Technical Support, and Advisory Systems Engineer for large customers. He was a Systems Programmer for 4 years on real-time command and control and intelligence data systems with the US Air Force.


Favorite Brands & Products:

Apple, iPhone, Mac, One Drop, Diabetes Meal Plans, 24-Hour Fitness, Whole Foods


Apple iPhone, MacBook Pro, iMac (soon), Apple Watch (soon)


Apple Health, Apple Photos, One Drop Mobile, iCloud

Web sites

One Drop, Diabetes Meal Plans

Social Networks

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog (WordPress)

Daily Usage

Spends over 4 hours a day with iPhone apps, as well as much time on Mac apps like Xcode, AppCode, Sketch, etc. and internet web sites.


Golf, tennis, hiking, walking, reading, technology

Very interested in using technology to improve diabetes self-care through better tracking, analysis, and understanding.


  • Track personal diabetes data and meals better
  • See improvements in diabetes and meals

Challenges & Frustrations

Finding recipes takes too much time and hard to organize


Recipe, meal, diabetes, glucose, carb


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