This provides an brief introduction to my users, and the documents that I created to help understand their motivations, challenges, and opportunities.



My Diabetes Meals (by: Doug Warren)


Provide healthy meal plans and recipes for people with diabetes, and understand their glucose impact.


  • Track, analyze, and plan meals
  • Manage recipes, photos, and links
  • Understand diabetes impact


First it’s helpful to focus on the people who will use my new app, along with related observations about them. This enables me to understand the current market, segment my target audience, and identify problems that can be solved using my app. This ensures that people will use what I create to improve their lives through better diabetes self-care that leverages digital health technologies.

I will start with these documents to help describe my users:

In the spirit of an agile design approach, I will create basic documentation initially based on my personal experience, and then refine and enhance it later as necessary. Feedback will be solicited from designers and potential users to help validate and extend this information.

This process has been extremely valuable, and I am glad that I spent the time doing this before designing my prototype. It has enabled me to really focus on my user’s experience, their problems, and my opportunities.