Page Summary

These are the best custom pages viewed on my blog as of October 24, 2014.

The results show that my Home page has been viewed the most (42), behind “Home page / Archives” (227).  Of course, this is the front page of my web site which also contains all the blog posts that follow the Welcome sticky post at the top.  So this is fairly understandable and would be expected.

I have added an Page Summary sub-menu page with these top assignment hits under the Blog menu tab above. Enjoy reading my responses to the assignments from the workshops, and see which ones that other readers like the most.

These are the custom pages which I have created to enhance the usability of my web site and improve access to my archives. They are included on the main Blog menu tab above, which shows all of them in reverse chronological order.  Also there are sub-menus for just those associated with Blogging 101 and Blogging 201.

Rank Title Type Views
1 Phone Page 18
2 Summary Page 8
3 Blog Page 5
4 Music by Artist Page 4
5 Trophy Case Page 3
6 Blogging 101 Page 3
7 Welcome Sticky Post 2
8 Contact Page 2
9 Blogging 201 Blogging 201 2
10 Spotify Post 2
11 What’s New? Page 1
12 100 Likes Post 1
13 Photos by Subject Page 1
14 Music Calendar Page 1

I will update the Page Summary hit results weekly. Also, I have also included some other observations based on reviewing these results along with my analysis and assessment.

The “Blog” menu tab was accessed 5 times, but I suspect this was during the period where all my blog posts were be displayed there. At that time, I had a static front page which only contained a Welcome, What’s New, and Summary section. However, now I have changed back to display all my blog posts on the Home page again, but the Blog page just provides an overview summary with some links.

I was surprised that the Phone page was the most popular, although it did not have too much information on it other than showing the sidebar since there were no posts included. Normally this had been a problem because the home page or other category pages would show lots of posts and on mobile devices my theme places the sidebar all the way at the end. So this was initially created to address that problem. However, since it has been accessed so much, I decided to add other useful information that will benefit phone users.

Also, I noticed the “Summary” page was embedded in the front page for a while until I reworked all my menus, pages, and sidebar. At that time, I extracted it into a separate page during the transition until I could split it into separate pages appropriate for the “Blog”, “Music”, “Photos”, and “Travel” menus. It might be possible that it’s no longer needed, but I won’t know for sure until I can analyze this further, and consider any comments I might receive as feedback about this feature.

The page I am most shocked about is the “Music Calendar”, which I spent quite a bit of time getting it to display all my music posts in a wide-screen monthly calendar format. I thought this would be extremely useful to readers, and expected this to replace the “Summary” which I been using in the interim until I could something better (like this). I would really be interested in comments about whether this is useful, and if not, what can be done to make it better.

I don’t know why the “Contact” form is not accessed more than 2 times. It offers a way to provide general feedback with compliments, problems, or suggestions regarding the web site. This is especially helpful where something is not specific to an individual post or page where the Like or Comment might be more appropriate, and enable interactions with other readers as well as me.

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