These are the 10 best Blogging University workshop assignment articles viewed on my blog as of October 24, 2014.

The results show that “Home page / Archives” has been viewed the most (227), followed next by my Home page (42).  Of course, this is the front page of my web site which also contains all the blog posts that follow the Welcome sticky post at the top.  So this is fairly understandable and would be expected.

I have added an Assignments sub-menu page with these top assignment hits under the Blog menu tab above. Enjoy reading my responses to the assignments from the workshops, and see which ones that other readers like the most.

These are the blog posts which I have written for Blogging University workshop assignments. They are included on the main Blog menu tab above, which shows all of them in reverse chronological order.  Also there are sub-menus for just those associated with Blogging 101 and Blogging 201.

Rank Title Topic Views
1 Home page / Archives Blogging 101 227
2 Home Blogging 101 42
3 About Blogging 101 40
4 Dream Reader Blogging 101 27
5 My Blog Goals Blogging 201 13
6 Say Your Name Blogging 101 6
7 Say “Hi!” to the Neighbors Blogging 101 3
8 Welcome Blogging 101 2
9 Who am I and why I’m here Blogging 101 2
10 Misty Lake Blogging 101 2

I will update these Assignment hit results weekly.

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