This phone page only shows a sidebar without scrolling through all the posts, after the sharing and like buttons and comment form, which you may use to provide feedback about your mobile phone experiences. Also, I have included some tips that might be helpful using my site with mobile devices.


When you access my blog from a mobile device, you will see a “Menu” button across the top between the title/tagline and header image. Just tap it so it expands with the web site menu options: Home, Blog, Music, Photos, Travel, Writing, and About, each with multiple hierarchical sub-menus. The menu will scroll (its about 4 screens long), and you may select any menu item to access a specific page. Under the last one (About), there is a “Menu” and “Sidebar” sub-menu that describe more information about how to use these features of the web site. Also, this “Phone” menu is provided for more specific information about smart phone usage, such as iPhone (iOS).

Shuffle Mode

Mobile Spotify only allows you to use “Shuffle Play” when you access an album, like those in my music posts. It will not play the entire album that I have provided, but only randomly play songs in “shuffle” mode. If you wish to play the entire album, you can download it to your device if you have Premium feature which supports offline mode.

Bloglovin’ App

I have observed that the Bloglovin’s blog reader app for iOS does not recognize my Spotify embeds so all you see if the album and artist header information that normally precedes the album (or song) image link. You can manually copy/paste this information into Spotify, but this is somewhat awkward. I have determined a workaround for this problem, and I am looking into a way that would enable automatic switching over to your Spotify app.

Add to Home Screen (iOS)

Follow these steps to add my blog as an icon on your home screen:

  1. Open “” in mobile Safari browser
  2. Tap the “Share” icon (square with up arrow) in middle of footer icons
  3. Tap “Add to Home Screen” (+ icon)
  4. Change title (“Doug Warren | Sharing life experiences and interests” to just “Doug Warren” (or whatever)
  5. Select the “Add” button at the top right of the”Add to Home” page, and this shortcut will now appear on your home screen with a WordPress logo
  6. Tap on that new icon on your home screen any time and it will take you go directly to my blog. You can move it to any page or include in a folder, if you wish

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