About this blog

Since retiring in 2007, I have started exploring activities which I never found time for earlier.  I like to listen, read, learn, see, eat, and do. This personal blog shares my life experiences, interests, memories, thoughts, and feelings. I hope that you enjoy reading it and find common interests that benefit you too. Topics include music, photos, travel, books, recipes, writing, and links.


Although I have always really enjoyed music, now I can listen more to online music.  Also, Austin offers significant live music opportunities nearby. I offer daily music posts which feature playlists, albums, videos, and links for music on Spotify from a wide variety of artists and genres.


I have been taking more photos with my iPhone, started organizing them better, and would to share more as I expand my new interest in photography. For example, I have randomized many sunset photos taken from my deck as my blog header image. I will also include many photos in my posts.


I will include travel experiences about local outings, day trips, road trips, cruises, tours, sightseeing, festivals, events, areas, countries, cities, and towns. So far I have only been to a few other countries, but  plan to travel much more extensively the rest of my life and would like to share that with my readers.


Throughout my career, most of my reading had focused on technical subjects related to software architecture and development. Now I have more time to read and explore a wider range of books, I would like to share what I discover.


Since I have type 2 diabetes, it is now more important that I focus on healthy meals. I have been gathering recipes and plan to start cooking meals more often and would like to share those with others. Also I will include related topics about diabetes, health, cooking, food and wine. Perhaps I will receive additional tips and suggestions from my readers.


Enjoying more blogs and social media has motivated me to become more engaged in communities like WordPress, especially as I might have more to share now.  I have been a technical proofreader and reviewer for Manning Publications since 2001. This blog has sparked my interest in writing more, and I hope this helps me develop those skills further.


I browse the web extensively searching for interesting topics. I save and organize lots of web addresses as bookmarks, so it would helpful to share some of these to readers of my blog. Also I will try to include links in my posts for those that might want to explore a topic further.

Follow me

I hope you find my blog interesting and want to follow it and/or interact with me. Perhaps it will help others who share similar interests. I want to offer something that you like to read regularly. It would be wonderful if this connection helps you enjoy life and learn more.

If this sounds good to you, please follow this blog on WordPress. Also, you may want to request to follow me via Email as well so that you can receive new posts as they are published. Of course, I would welcome any feedback and suggestions via your comments.

31 thoughts on “About

  1. Swav, it will be fun to answer the questions, although it will take a little work to complete them as well as identify additional nominees. You’re right that this blogging experience does help us learn more about ourselves, while getting to meet many other interesting people and read lots of great blogs. I plan to spend some time looking over your art, too.


    • Thanks. Actually, I have been nominated, and this reminds me to get going and post it. I’ve been so busy making changes to my blog lately, that it slipped a lithe bit Also, I would appreciate it if you would edit your Liebster post and change my name from “Dough” to “Doug”.


    • Thanks. I appreciate your nomination. Actually, I was already been nominated, but haven’t completed my post yet. I got hung up on the questions, facts, and other nominees. It takes some time to accept, and I keep putting it off since I’ve been busy with other posts. I’ll try to get it done in the next few days. I also received a Lavely Bog Award too so I have both to do.

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      • One nice thing about Anna’s rules (which are different from the rules for the Liebster that I accepted on my other blog) is that you only have to nominate three blogs.

        Yes, sorry I missed that you’d been nominated before, Doug. . . . No pressure whatsoever to do it, as you know 🙂

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  2. Hi Doug! I’ve been enjoying your Christmas music posts! I’m a big music fan myself. I wanted to drop you a quick line in case you hadn’t noticed that I published a post last week that is an interview with a fellow blogger. In the interview she mentioned your blog as one of her favorites, and I thought you’d be pleased to know. I apologize for the delay notifying you– it’s been hectic this month at work.

    If you’re interested in taking a look, go to the “Interviews” page on my blog and click the link for Interview # 4 with Terri. I didn’t want to copy a link in here and end-up in your spam catcher.

    Thanks again for the great posts!


    • I’m pleased that you enjoy my Christmas music posts. It’s nice to get the feedback since sometimes you don’t know whether anybody is really reading and listening or not, although my views have been consistently higher this month. I noticed your interview with Terri, and her mentioning my blog as one of her favorites. You did a nice job with the interview. I have also really enjoyed reading hers over the past 3 months since I started blogging.

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  3. Anytime I get to find a list of music new or new to me, I’m intrigued. I know what I like, but I don’t always know what’s new, so I’m looking forward to reading your music posts especially. Music saves my life every single day. It brings me happiness and peace and allows my mind to drift OR focus like a laser.

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    • I have lots of different types of music on my blog (over 800 music posts). You should find music for many different moods. I especially love solo piano, but you will also find country, pop, rock, folk, indie, instrumental, etc. Actually I had been thinking about doing a Barenaked Ladies post, so maybe that I will that tomorrow since you like them so much.

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  4. I appreciate your music tastes, and would like to share some beautiful music with you…please enjoy some of our selections on http://www.theBcompany.com, and e-downloads can be mailed directly to your email for those that you’d like. Reach me via the Inquiries form on that site 🙂


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