Piano Haven Concert Series

During the weekend Jan 20-21, 2020 Piano Haven Studio from Sedona, Arizona held a special solo piano concert series at Kim’s Pianos in Stanton, California (Orange county). These high-quality live concerts were presented on Facebook Live, but the videos are still available for you to enjoy.

Each one is over 2 hours, including even additional solo piano performances during the show’s intermission. I have also included links to my music pages for many of these artists if you would like to listen to more of their music.

Concert # 1 – Saturday, January 20, 2020

The first concert on Saturday featured Matthew Mayer, Joe Yamada, Joe Bongiorno, Michele McLaughlin, and David Nevue, with special guest Michael Whalen. Intermission includes previous live performances by Janine De Lorenzo, Dan Chadburn, Michael Martinez, Emilee Hartley, and Wayne Gratz.

The audio breaks up briefly during Joe Yamada’s performance, but just be patient because it doesn’t last long.

Concert #2 – Sunday, January 21, 2020

The second concert on Sunday featured Steve Rivera, Michael Martinez, Scott D. Davis, Joseph Akins, and Doug Hammer, with special guest Pam Asberry. Intermission includes previous live performances by Brad Jacobsen, Adam Andrews, Ryan Marvel, and Neil Patton. This concert actually starts about 15 minutes into the recording.

Tickets to each concert were $30, but you get to hear them free. Of course, you can donate to their Internet Broadcast Tip Jar to show your appreciation and benefit the artists (just click HERE).

I updated this post so more visitors would get to enjoy this wonderful music. I included links to more music for many of the artists, and included a bookmark link to this post in the sidebar.

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