Michael Logozar: Kaleidoscope

Listen to solo piano music by Michael Logozar on his latest (9th) album Kaleidoscope.

New Album

Enjoy these 15 tracks of gentle, whimsical piano vignettes perfect for unwinding after a busy week, focusing at work or study, or just relaxing.

Kaleidoscope (2018) – 15 songs, 42 min


Recent Single

Here is a new single that’s not on any album released so far.

Sea of Stars (2018) – 1 song, 3 min 58 min

This is very different than his previous solo piano work. It’s a bold cinematic ambient / post-rock track featuring live strings, piano, guitars and yes… drums.


Recent Albums

Here are several additional albums released over the past 3 years… all fantastic!

Passage (2018) – 12 songs, 40 min

This is a new modern classical / ambient album featuring some felt-muted piano and lush cello and violin; it was released earlier this year, and is quite different from previous solo piano releases.


Starlight (2017) – 14 songs, 58 min


Wonder (2016) – 15 songs, 51 min


Shine (2015) – 12 songs, 43 min



Michael Logozar (Playlist) – 37 songs, 2 hr 31 min

Enjoy my playlist of his songs.


Peaceful Piano (Playlist) – 165 songs, 8 hr 6 min

Relax and indulge with some profoundly beautiful piano pieces in this playlist created by Spotify and selected as the Artist’s Pick by Michael (it has almost 5 million followers!).


Listen to more music by Michael Logozar with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album will be included there as well, along with an updated playlist.

Photo credit: Kaleidoscope @ Amazon (album cover)

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