Chad Lawson: Re:Piano

Listen to solo piano music (with iPad loops, effects, and layers) by Chad Lawson on his new album Re:Piano.

Here is how he describes this album.

At a time where iPads are center stage and tradition falls to the touchscreen, I ask myself “Is the piano dead?” With technology creating everything faster, newer, better and in every color, perhaps the 88s need an update; an adjustment even. Or, maybe it’s not the piano that needs the adjustment; maybe it’s us.

As a Steinway artist I find myself asking how I can connect with an audience whose view of the piano is antiquated but an iPad as second nature? Pairing the traditional (piano) with contemporary (iPad), I crafted an album using the piano as my ‘instrument’ and an iPad to create loops, effects and multiple layers using the software, Ableton Live. Before me sat a vast palette of colors, effects and inspiration like never before. Yet at the core of it all; the piano.

My hope in this recording is to create a new curiosity, a new approach and most importantly a new awareness of what can be made from the keys of black and white. And while the traditionalist in me would prefer to remain ‘un-plugged’, the optimist in me believes inspiring the next generation is only a touchscreen away.


Enjoy his new album.

Re:Piano – 10 songs, 39 min



Here is a promotional video for the new album.

Re:Piano – 1 min 36 sec


This is a video for a performance with drummer Alfred Sergel at Funkhaus Berlin. (Apr 2018)

Chad Lawson / Alfred Sergel – 1 min 58 sec


Listen to more of his music at my Chad Lawson post with playlist, albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Re:Piano @ Amazon (album cover).

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