Robin Spielberg: On the Edge of a Dream

Listen to solo piano music by Robin Spielberg on her new (18th) album On the Edge of a Dream. There’s a great review of the new album by Kathy Parsons at Also check out her memoir Naked on the Bench: My Adventures in Pianoland available from Amazon.


Listen to her new album.

On the Edge of a Dream (2018) – 14 songs, 57 min



This is my playlist of her songs.

Robin Spielberg (Playlist) – 25 songs, 1 hr 37 min


Piano Music for Reading/Studying (Playlist) – 191 songs, 13 hr 41 min

Let Robin Spielberg and her piano friends aid you with your focus, concentration and creativity on this playlist that she personally created.


PIANO WOMEN! (Playlist) – 123 songs, 8 hr 19 min

Here’s a playlist of beautiful piano solos performed and/or composed by the women who created them. Created by pianist/composer Robin Spielberg… over 5 hours of music to accompany your day.



Album Preview by Robin Spielberg – 1 min 42 sec


The Healing Power of Music (TED Talk) by Robin Spielberg – 21 min 30 sec


Listen to more of her music at my Robin Spielberg post with more of her albums, videos, and links. This new album and playlists will be included there as well.

Photo credit: On the Edge of a Dream @ Amazon (album cover)

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