This is: Wild Child

Listen to indie pop music by Wild Child from Austin, Texas with key tracks from their four albums.

They created this custom playlist that includes 6 songs from 3 singles  Alex / Break You Down, Sinking Ship / Back & Forth, and  Think It Over / Expectations as they drop their new 2018 album Expectations next Friday. There’s an interesting article on their website with background about the album and band.


This is: Wild Child (Playlist) – 19 songs, 1 hr 13 min



Here are several videos for songs from their new album

The One – Live on Expectations (2018) – 3 min 0 sec


Expectations on Expectations (2018) at Utopia Fest (KUTX Austin 98.9) – 3 min 40 sec



Here is my playlist of their songs.

Wild Child (Playlist) – 38 songs, 2 hr 18 m1n


See my music post on Wild Child for more albums, videos, and links. I have incorporated the new album and an expanded playlist there as well.

Photo credit: Spotify (Playlist image)


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