Heidi Breyer: Moonlight in Empty Rooms

Listen to instrumental piano from Heidi Breyer on her new album Moonlight in Empty Rooms.  The album is a musical study of the art of her partner, artist Alexander Volkov.  Enjoy browsing some of his original oils on her web site, or visit Alexander’s full website for a full selection of giclees on canvas and a complete chronology of works.

New Album

Moonlight in Empty Rooms (2018) – 12 songs, 1 hr



Enjoy my playlist of her songs.

Heidi Breyer (Playlist) – 20 songs, 1 hr 29 min



Watch this video that highlights many of his wonderful paintings as he describes them and his background.

Artist Profile – Alexander Volkov (Exposures Gallery of Fine Art, Sedona, AZ) – 7 min 22 sec



Here’s some more music composed and performed by Heidi Anne Breyer along with paintings by artist Alexander Volkov.

Conversation – 4 min 22 sec


Another Place and Time – 4 min 48 sec


All Souls Lullaby – 6 min 14 sec


After the Last Rain – 3 min 53 sec


Awakenings – 4 min 50 sec


In a Region of Clouds – 4 min 16 sec


All the Good Things – 4 min 17 sec


Chaconne for our World – 7 min 11 sec


Off Season – 4 min 36 sec


American Gothic – 4 min 32 sec


And Winter Came – 4 min 32 sec


On His Wings – 5 min 28 sec


Winter Light – 5 min 17 sec


Listen to more of her music at my Heidi Breyer post with more albums, videos, and links. This new album and updated playlist has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Moonlight in Empty Rooms @ Amazon (album cover)




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