Long Pause – Blogging Again

I have been very inactive with my blog over the past month or so. I’m feeling great and nothing’s wrong with me, but I was just extremely busy and something had to give. Many projects suddenly all became active suddenly in December that I have been working my way through to get caught up. It didn’t help that it was also the Christmas holiday, family visits, shopping, etc.

Well, I’m finally coming up for air, and will resume posting again. Since I have been regularly posting for more than 3 years straight since starting my blog began in September 2014, it was actually nice to get a little break even though I missed doing it.

2 thoughts on “Long Pause – Blogging Again

  1. Three years is a long time to blog, and like Susan says, your Spotify posts are wonderful. I’ll be checking those out today. I finally ordered Spotify premium, and downloaded several play lists to my old phone used only for music. On Feb 1st, I’m ditching my sirius subscription for my car and will just listen to my play lists and the occasional FM radio. It’s cheaper!

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