My Top Songs – 2017

Listen to the top 100 songs that I played on Spotify during 2017. They recently sent me an email which highlighted my 2017 music. I guess you could say that I love a wide variety of music from many genres and artists, but especially new age and piano. But I guess you probably already knew that, if you have followed my blog over the past three years.

Playlist (2017)

Your Top Songs – 2017 (Playlist) – 100 songs, 6 hr 53 min

Enjoy the following custom playlist Spotify created for me with the 100 songs that I loved most this year, all wrapped up.


Playlist (2016)

Your Top Songs – 2016 (Playlist) – 99 songs, 7 hr 4 min

If you want to hear what I listened to during 2016, here’s another custom playlist with the songs I loved the most for the previous year.



Here are various summaries they provided that reflect my Spotify listening history during 2017. Very interesting!


  • 9,231 minutes (153 hours)
  • 1,843 songs (153/month)
  • 433 artists (36/month)
  • 35 genres
  • 12 skipped tracks



  • Lost in Familiar Surrounding
  • Reflected in a Flowing Stream
  • As Seasons Change
  • Procession of Moon and Stars
  • Preludium in C Major (Variation) – J.S. Bach


  • New Age
  • Classify
  • Focus
  • New Age Piano
  • Folk-pop


The average age of Spotify listeners for Pop is 27, and 41 for New Age, whereas I am 72.

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