Josh Ritter: Gathering

Listen to Americana music by Josh Ritter on his 9th album Gathering that was just released yesterday.

“Josh Ritter remains at the top of his game two decades into a highlight-strewn career. He’d be forgiven for loosening his grip, but his hand has never felt surer.” – NPR

“Midway between the country, gospel and soul camps, with thickly stacked harmonies that evoke the Dead’s own folk-rock classic American Beauty.” – Rolling Stone

He is now on tour with The Royal City Band, including here at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater on January 12, 2018.


Enjoy his new album.

Gathering (2017) – 13 songs, 50 min



Here is a live performance of a song from the ew album recorded earlier this year on The Prairie Home Companion on PBS.

Oh Lord (Part Three) on Gathering (2017) – 3 min 59 sec



Here is my playlist of his songs.

Josh Ritter (Playlist) – 56 songs, 3 hr 29 min


Listen to more of his music at my Josh Ritter post with additional albums, videos, and links. I will update my music post to include the new album, and incorporate new songs in my playlist.

Photo credit: Gathering @ Amazon (album cover)

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