Michele McLaughlin: Music for Fall (Playlist)

Listen to a new solo piano playlist (Music for Fall) created by Michele McLaughlin.

Her selection provides great background music for morning, afternoon, or evening to enjoy as it helps you to focus on your daily activities this fall. Her email subscription revealed its availability along with a new blog post about it.

This might offer a good opportunity on Spotify to add to your listening queue, create your own playlists, and save your favorites to your library.


Music for Fall (Playlist) by Michele McLaughlin – 53 songs, 3 hr 56 min

Great songs to get you in the mood for cooler temperatures, changing colors, and holiday goodness.

Listen to her custom playlist with wonderful music from 22 of my favorite artists.

Michele McLaughlin (Playlist) by Doug Warren – 51 songs, 2 hr 59 min

Also, here is my playlist of her songs, if you want to enjoy more of her music.

Artist Index

See my music posts for albums, videos, and links of most of the artists on the playlist. You can also listen to these artists and many more at Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

This is also a reminder that I still need to create posts for these artists:
– Jennifer Thomas
– Scott D. Davis
– Steven Cravis
– Neil Patton

Photo credit: Michele McLaughlin Blog

3 thoughts on “Michele McLaughlin: Music for Fall (Playlist)

    • We’re fine – only about 5 inches over 4 days west of Austin. Harvey didn’t come up this far when it stalled out closer to the coast. At least it broke our 100-degree days for a week, but now we’re resuming our typical pattern.

      Glad you liked the music. I’m working on getting my photos reviewed and organized from our Scandinavian trip so I can start posting them, but it takes a while since I took over 4,000.

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