Justin Rutledge

Listen to alt-country music by singer/songwriter Justin Rutledge from Toronto. Enjoy his latest album East released last year, which is described like this:

The songs on East see Justin embracing new styles, from the gospel tinged ‘The Great Ascension’, to the lo-fi lament of ‘Queen Street Lost’. Not lost, however, are the country-tinged pop songs like ‘The Old Oak’ and ‘Blue Jeans’. Of course, the hushed voice and the intricate storytelling remain, making East Justin’s most accomplished album to date.


Listen to his latest album.

East (2017) – 10 songs, 40 mins


This is my playlist of his more popular songs.

Justin Rutledge (Playlist) – 10 songs, 50 mins


Here are his earlier studio albums.

Valleyheart (2015) – 13 songs, 54 min

Daredevil (2014) – 10 songs, 49 min

No Never Alone (2012) – 14 songs, 1 hr 7 min

The Early Widows (2010) – 10 songs, 54 min

Man Descending (2008) – 10 songs, 44 min

The Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park (2006) – 10 songs, 52 min


Here are some videos of his videos.

The Great Ascension _ on _East (2016) – 4 min 33 sec

Almost Gone – Live in Studio Q on CBC – on East (2016) – 4 min 59 sec

Unsettled on Valleyheart (2015) – 4 min 6 sec

Kapuskasing Coffee with Carina Round on Valleyheart (2015) – 4 min 34 sec

Nautical Disaster on Valleyheart (2015) – 4 min 40 sec

Locked In The Trunk Of A Car on Daredevil (2014) – 5 min 40 sec

Be a Man on The Early Widows (2010) – 7 min 38 sec

Penny For The Band on Man Descending (2008) – 4 min 30 sec

Greenwich Time – Live at Capital Music Hall, Ottawa with The Beauties on Man Descending (2008) – 5 min 9 sec


Here are links for their website, social media, and general information.

These are links for music services and music stores.
Google Play Music

Photo credit: East @ Amazon (album cover).

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