Glen Campbell: Adios

Listen to country music by the legendary Glen Campbell on his final (64th) studio album Adios after a career that spanned 50 years including six Grammy awards. Last week he died from Alzheimer’s in Nashville at age 81 where he had been receiving care at a memory care facility since 2011.

His diagnosis was followed by an extended “Goodbye Tour” during 2012-13 along with its accompanying documentary film and soundtrack album in 2014, the latter of which featured “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” his last moment in a recording studio. 

Final Album

This was recorded in 2012 at Nashville following his “Goodbye Tour”.

Adios (2017) – 12 songs, 37 min



Arkansas Farmboy on Adios – Recorded In-Studio – 1 min 54 sec


Adiós on Adios (2017) – 3 min 9 sec


I’m Not Gonna Miss You on I’ll Be Me Soundtrack (2015) – 2 min 56 sec


I’ll Be Me – Movie Trailer (2014) – 3 min 0 sec


Remembering (Single Version) by Ashley Campbell (2016) – 3 min 46 sec

Watch the five videos at The Tennessean about his Alzheimer’s shared by his wife Kim Campbell.

I initially created a post about love, memory, and music as I was thinking about my Mom who has Alzheimer’s. With Glen Campbell receiving the Grammy award for his last song I’m Not Gonna Miss You, from the documentary I’ll Be Me filmed during his Goodbye Tour, it made me also think about his similar struggle with Alzheimers over the previous four years. I also created another related music post on The Band Perry which features Glen Campbell’s song Gentle On My Mind.

There are reviews at Rolling Stone. Here’s a Rolling Stone interview with his daughter Ashley Campbell, and another article from last year.

Photo Credit: Adios @ Amazon (album cover)


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