Spectacular Scandanavia and its Fjords

Sorry for not posting over the past few weeks, but I’ve been enjoying Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. We just completed a wonderful 16-day Spectacular Scandanavia and its Fjords tour with Insight Vacations from July 28 to August 11.

The included excursions were interesting, and the scenery was magnificent and varied. I took lots of photos and they will be included in posts as I review, edit, organize, and upload them. On this trip, I decided not to share while traveling, but instead do it afterwards. We stayed at lovely hotels in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Falun, Lillehammer, Geiranger, Leikanger, Bergen, and Oslo.  We also selected several optional excursions: North Zealand Castle Tour, Lillehammer Ski Jump and Brewery Experience, The Troll’s Road, and Europe’s Highest Fjord at Dalsnibba,

This was a special opportunity to celebrate our recent 50th wedding anniversary. Also we’ve been trying to see our ancestral countries – Norway, Germany, Scotland, and England. We have wanted to visit there since my wife’s maternal Olsen grandfather emigrated from Norway. Her maternal Queck grandmother came from Germany, which we visited two years ago on a trip, preceded by a Viking Rhine river cruise.

In 2000 we had visited Scotland where her paternal grandparents originated (Dunlop, Campbell, MacDonald, and MacKinnon), from places such as Whycogomah, East Lake Ainsley, Isle of Skye, and Isle of Eigg.  On that same trip we also did a tour of England, including the area around York where my maternal grandfather’s Kaye (Kay) family were from, and Cornwall where my paternal grandfather (Warren) was born and grandmother’s family (Paull) was from.My maternal grandmother’s Bryant ancestors from England arrived in 1630 at Plymouth Colony after sailing on the Handmaid.

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