SXSWfm: Indie/Pop/Rock – May 4

The Middle Biscuit is a weekly SXSWfm specialty radio show stream, hosted by Elizabeth Spruiell on MixCloud, which focuses on indie/pop/rock music gems (about an hour long).

SXSWfm_biggerSXSWfm is the official internet radio stream of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas recently held from March 13-19, 2017. This is a great way to discover new music.

This is how Elizabeth describes her weekly show every Thursday at 12 & 6 CT.

What is the Middle Biscuit? Literally speaking, it is the warm, highly-coveted, center, perfect biscuit my brothers and I fought over when our Mom set down a pan of her homemade fare. Figuratively, the middle biscuit is a symbol representing any thing that is elite compared to those that surround it. Tune in weekly to feast on what I consider middle biscuit tracks and middle biscuit artists from the massive universe of indie-pop-rock. Mostly new stuff, sometimes classic, either way, you’ll get your fill.

Middle Biscuit #100 –  I Never Had a Chance (5/4/2017) – 1 hr 3 min

Playing tracks by White Reaper, Day Wave, Hovvdy, Jesse Woods, Generationals and more.



This episode includes the following artists and songs.

  • Day Wave — Something Here
  • The Drums — Heart Basel
  • Summer Salt — Candy Wrappers
  • Cold War Kids — Love is Mystical
  • Generationals — In Green
  • Ne – Hi — Sisters
  • Hoops — On Top
  • Jesse Woods — Bucklebunny
  • Dan Auerbauch — King of a One Horse Town
  • Whitney — You’ve Got a Woman
  • Mac DeMarco — On the Level
  • Happyness — The C is a B a G
  • Portugal. The Man — Number One
  • Hovvdy — Pretend
  • PWR BTTM — Oh Boy
  • White Reaper — Eagle Beach

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