Diabetes Quarterly A1c – Apr 2017

I met with my doctor yesterday for my quarterly type 2 diabetes follow-up visit, which included reviewing my recent lab test results. My new A1c was 6.9%, or estimated average glucose (eAG) 151 mg/dL, which measures my average blood glucose over the past 3 months.

It has improved, down from 7.1 in Jan and 7.0 in Oct 2016. I was slightly disappointed because I thought it might be more like 6.4% because my Avg BG were 136 (Jan), 137 (Feb), and 132 (Mar). However I need to remember that this is lower than the American Diabetes Association (ADA) target 7.0% (eAG 154).

My doctor said he can really notice a difference with my strength training over the past 3 months. Also I lost an additional 5 pounds since I’ve reduced my meal carb targets. And I now only take 8 units Lantus long-acting basal insulin at bedtime instead of 10 since I was getting more overnight lows like 44 and several in the 50’s and 60’s. My Humalog rapid-acting bolus insulin at meals is less too, when I need to take it at all.

Overall he thought I’m doing great with my diabetes management. He can see how much my One Drop | Premium subscription has helped too.

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