Lynn Tredeau

Listen to solo piano music by Lynn Tredeau from Idaho.

She composes original piano music to tell life’s stories, inspired by nature and love of family. There are nice reviews of all of her albums by Kathy Parsons at Shifting SandsA New Dream, Echoes of Life, and Snowlight (A Christmas Memory).


These are her albums.

Shifting Sands (2017) – 12 songs, 46 min


A New Dream (2016) – 13 songs, 47 min


Echoes of Life (2015) – 12 songs, 43 min



Here is a Christmas album, which won 2016 Best Holiday Album of the Year at Enlightened Piano Radio.

Snowlight (A Christmas Memory) (2014) – 14 songs, 47 min



Here are some videos from her albums.

Lost in Familiar Surroundings on Shifting Sands (2017) – 4 min 41 sec


Lunch with Vincent on A New Dream (2016) – 3 min 18 sec


Innocence on A New Dream (2016) – 3 min 8 sec



These are links to her website, social media, music players and stores.

Photo credit: Shifting Sands @ Amazon (album cover)

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