John Kraemer

Listen to solo piano music by John Kraemer on his latest (4th) album Weeping Joy.

John Kraemer is a 24-year-old pianist and composer who lives in the San Antonio, Texas area, who has been composing music since age 15. His music is similar to other solo pianists such as George Winston, David Nevue, Jim Brickman, and David Lanz. Listeners have described his music as enchanting, harmonious, soothing, beautiful, magical, peaceful, and contemplative. See album review for Weeping Joy by Kathy Parsons of

Weeping Joy (2016) – 11 songs, 38 min



These are his earlier albums.

Radiance (2014) – 12 songs, 44 min


When the Evening Fades (2010) – 11 songs, 42 min


Christmas Album

Here is a Christmas album.

This Little Child (2012) – 10 songs, 38 min



These are several videos of popular piano covers as well as an early original composition recorded when he was only about 18 in 2010.

Beauty and the Beast (Piano Cover) – 4 min 24 sec


“Newsies” Medley (Piano Cover) – 3 min 38 sec


“Lord of the Rings” Medley (Piano Cover) – 3 min 57 sec


Of Dragons and Dinosaurs (How to Train Your Dragon/Jurassic Park – Piano Cover) – 3 min 32 sec


Phantom of the Opera Medley – 4 min 27 sec


Pirate’s Carol (Piano Cover of Pirates of the Caribbean/Carol of the Bells) – 4 min 26 sec


Aurora on When the Evening Fades (2010) – 3 min 35 sec



These are links to his website and social media.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Weeping Joy @ Amazon (album cover)

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