Stephen Bennett: Tone Poet & Even More Beatles

Listen to harp guitar music by Stephen Bennett on his latest albums Tone Poet and Even More Beatles, both released in 2016. Widely regarded as one of the most respected fingerstyle guitarists of his generation, Stephen Bennett is also an acknowledged master of the harp guitar.

New Albums

Enjoy his latest albums.

Tone Poet (2016) – 14 songs, 1 hr 1 min



If you like his harp guitar arrangements of Beatles music, then you will probably like his newest album, along with two earlier albums.

Even More Beatles (2016) – 13 songs, 34 min


More Beatles (2014) – 14 songs, 41 min


Beatles Acoustic Guitar Solos (2005) – 15 songs, 40 min


Classic Rock

And if you like old classic rock tunes, check out these arrangements for harp guitar.

A Whiter Shade of Pale on In-A-Gadda-Da-Stephen (2010) – 1 song, 3 min 59 min


Theme for An Imaginary Western on In-A-Gadda-Da-Stephen (2010) – 1 song, 4 min 19 sec


The Court of the Crimson King on In-A-Gadda-Da-Stephen (2010) – 1 song, 4 min 57 sec



These harp guitar arrangement of traditional tunes are also some of my favorites.

Gabriel’s Oboe on Still On the Line (2014) – 1 song, 4 min 20 sec


Shenandoah on Good Wood (2009) – 1 song, 2 min 32 sec


The Water is Wide on No Net (1999) – 1 song, 4 min 38 sec


Photo credit: Tone Poet @ Amazon (album cover).

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