Greg Maroney: The Light Within

Listen to ambient music mixes from pianist Greg Maroney on his new album The Light Within just released today. His recent album Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 1 was nominated for 2016 Whisperings Album of the Year. Also he released another  lovely album Hymns this year. I have included all these 2016 albums for you to enjoy, as well as an earlier Christmas album.

He describes the inspiration for his music on his web site.

Listening to his music, you will find yourself reminiscing, smiling, waltzing and dreaming. I have been asked many times what inspires me, where does the music come from, what drives me to create. Simple. In short, all the usual things that surround us day to day. I hope you find music in your world and your world in my music.

2016 Albums

The Light Within (2016) – 10 songs, 1 hr 13 min


Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol. 1 (2016) – 11 songs, 57 min


Hymns ~ Healing Piano Solos (2016) – 14 songs, 1 hr



A Christmas Collection (2011) – 20 songs, 50 min


See my music post on Greg Maroney for more albums, videos, and links. It has also been updated with the new album.

Photo credit: The Light Within @ Amazon (album cover).

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