Doug Hammer: Americana

Listen to instrumental piano music by Doug Hammer with his new album Americana that was released today. It’s a wonderful tribute to America and all who have sacrificed for our freedom as we celebrate Veteran’s Day.

His description at Amazon captures it well:

Americana is a celebration of America. Featuring orchestra, guest musicians and vocalists, Americana celebrates the diversity of America and pays homage to those who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. Filled with a mix of Patriotic, Folk and Original compositions, it takes you on a journey into the heart of America. Uplifting and spirited, expansive and meditative, Americana travels through the wide landscape of America.

New Album

Enjoy his new album.

The Spirit of America (2016) – 18 songs, 1 hr 14 min



In this trailer Doug talks about his new album and its guest orchestra musicians and vocalists.

Americana (Official Trailer) –  6 min 36 sec


Listen to more of his music at my Doug Hammer post with additional albums, videos, and links. This new album and playlist have been included there as well.

Photo credit: Americana @ Amazon (album cover)

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