Priscilla Ahn

Listen to indie folk-pop music by Priscilla Ahn. Her new album La La La contains whimsical, playful, and loving songs which won a 2016 Family Choice Award for infant to age 5, but it’s good for older humans too.

New Album

Here is her latest album.

La La La (2016) – 12 songs, 30 min


Here is what she had to say about the album on her blog.

It’s been too long. A lot has happened. I had a baby. I’m a crazy, disheveled mom now, with a new album I’d love to share with you. And this one is super special because…. it’s a children’s album! But not your typical “wheels on the bus” children’s album. These are songs I wrote, in my normal, trying-to-be-adult-like, “Priscilla Ahn” style, but with the intention of singing these messages to children. It’s still very much meant for grown ups, but also (hopefully) appeals to kids and babies! I recorded these songs in my used-to-be studio, which is now my son’s nursery. (my office has exploded into a new room that needs major organizing!). I recorded these songs while I was pregnant. Some songs induced more baby kicking than others. When writing and recording the album, I pictured my tiny, soon-to-be son, I pictured children around the world, and I pictured you.


These are her other studio albums.

This Is Where We Are (2014) – 13 songs, 38 min


When You Grow Up (2011) – 12 songs, 45 min


A Good Day (2008) – 12 songs, 38 min



These are some of her singles.

Leave It Open (2013) – 2 songs, 7 min 42 sec


Sweet Hearts with Charlie Wadhams (2012) – 5 songs, 14 min


In a Tree (2009) – 1 songs, 2 min 30 sec



Here are some videos.

When You Grow Up on When You Grow Up (2011) – 2 min 57 sec


Remember How I Broke Your Heart on This Is Where We Are (2014) – 3 min 9 sec


I Don’t Have Time To Be in Love on When You Grow Up (2011) – 3 min 35 sec


Torch Song on When You Grow Up (2011) – 5 min 34 sec


Pandora Live at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, CA (2014) – 7 songs, 24 min 3 sec



Here are links for her website, social media, and general information.

These are links to her artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: La La La @ Amazon (album cover)

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