Jennifer DeFrayne

Listen to instrumental piano music from Jennifer DeFrayne with her debut album By a Wire, which was produced by renowned Australian pianist Fiona Joy and Grammy-winning Windham Hill founder Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. Her piano is complemented by Charlie Bisharat (violin), Jeff Oster (flugelhorn), Jill Haley (English horn), and Eugene Friesen (cello).

This album is especially amazing considering that she had a debilitating stroke only four years earlier. She won the ZMR 2014 Best New Artist award. There is also a lovely review by Kathy Parsons at, as well as one by Michael Diamond on Music and Media Focus. She is working on a new album to be released early next year.

By a Wire (2014) – 10 songs, 49 min



Here are some of her videos.

By a Wire – 3 min 53 sec


Summer Reunion – 5 min 20 sec


Letting Go – 6 min 3 sec


Calling Angels – 6 min 47 sec


Clear Night – 4 min 45 sec



These are links to her website, social media, and artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: By a Wire @ Amazon (album cover).

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