My Playlists: Guitar 3

This is post #3 in a series of my playlists featuring guitar music from many artists and albums available on my web site. I have also included the albums for each of the songs in the playlist for those who want to enjoy more music from a specific artist. And for those who really want to listen to more music available for a certain artist, just click on the artist’s name (in red) above each album.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. Let me know if you like these new playlists as well as any other feedback about what you would like to see and hear on my site. Thanks for visiting, listening, and following.

Guitar 3 – 17 songs, 59 min



Here are the 9 albums featured in this playlist.

Masterworks by California Guitar Trio (2011) – 11 songs, 54 min


New England Roads by Will Ackerman (2014) – 13 songs, 50 min


Mediterráneo by Miloš Karadalgić (2010) – 17 songs, 1 hr 5 min


Americano by Pablo Villegas (2015) – 18 songs, 57 min


Alone and Together by Steve Baughman & Robin Bullock (2015) – 13 songs, 47 min


Branch to Branch by Leon Redbone (1989) – 11 songs, 34 min


The Cream of Clapton by Eric Clapton (1995) – 19 songs, 1 hr 18 min


Touch of Light by Govi (2008) – 10 songs, 53 min


The Very Best of the Eagles (Remastered) by Eagles (2003) – 2 CDs, 33 songs, 2 hr 25 min


Photo credit: Spotify (playlist image)

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