Meiko: Moving Day

Listen to indie pop music from Meiko on her new album Moving Day. Meiko is a singer/songwriter from Georgia, previously based in Los Angeles and now living in Nashville, married last year and expecting a baby soon. Her latest album has songs that reflect all these recent life changes related to “moving” as described in her video about the album. Many of her songs have been included in TV shows and movies.

New Album

Here is her new album.

Moving Day  (2016) – 9 songs, 32 min



Here are some videos for the new album.

About The Moving Day album (2016) – 4 min 10 sec


I Do on Moving Day (2016) – 3 min 14 sec



This is my playlist of some of her songs.

Meiko (Playlist) – 29 songs, 1 hr 36 min

See my music post on Meiko for more albums, videos, and links. It has also been updated with the new album and new songs have been added to the playlist .

Photo credit: Moving Day @ Amazon (album cover).

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