Judy Collins & Ari Hest: Silver Skies Blue

Listen to these duets by Judy Collins & Ari Hest on their new album Silver Skies Blue. She is a music treasure who has been singing for over 50 years, and still going strong as she even performs more than 100 shows a year at age 77. Ari Hest is a singer-songwriter from the Bronx in New York, who she has been performing with over the past few years, including a SXSW showcase in March. They collaborated on this duet album which includes 11 new songs which they wrote together.

Silver Skies Blue (2016) – 12 songs, 45 min


Strangers Again (Deluxe Edition) (2015) – 15 songs, 59 min

You might also enjoy her previous album from 2015 which included duets with many artists, including Ari with his song as the title track.

Amazing (2015) – 10 songs, 39 min

Here’s another recent album with many of her popular songs.

Live in Ireland (2014) – 12 songs, 49 min

This live album also includes a song The Fire Plays by Ari Hest.


Here are a few videos.

Strangers Again with Ari Hest at City Winery (2015) – 5 min 34 sec

Helplessly Hoping (Stephen Stills cover) with Ari Hest at eTown Hall in Boulder (2013) – 3 min 46 sec

Photo credit: Silver Skies Blue @ Amazon (album cover)

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