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I have created over 100 Spotify music playlists for artists included in my blog since I started it in September 2014. However, I don’t think most of the over 5,000 visitors to my site are really aware of how much music is actually available.

Although there have been almost 10,000 views over that time, I’m not sure how much of the music is actually enjoyed with an average of only about 2 views per visit. I feel like much of the music is probably currently invisible, except maybe to my regular followers who automatically receive all my music posts. But I only have 240 followers via Email subscription, 186 on WordPress Reader, 40 via Twitter, 13 through Facebook, and some on Pinterest.

Recently I had a very productive dialog with Juan Maria Solare, who is an Argentine pianist and composer of contemporary music and tango living in Bremen, Germany. He had many very helpful suggestions in his feedback and recommendations that I should be offering more mixed playlists from my blog’s music.

After thinking about it some more, I agree that this really makes so much sense that I decided to try creating new playlists from my blog’s music. This will open up all the music that I have shared in the past in a new way, and enable many more to discover all this great music.

I know I also need to review and improve my menus and sidebar, and generally reorganize the music on my blog so it’s more accessible, and also deliver it in new ways to my readers. I’m also creating some software to help me manage my WordPress blog and Spotify playlists to make it easier to maintain and present.

Please let me know what you would like to see me do with my playlists. Do you like artist playlists with a variety of music across albums for a single artist? What about mixed playlists with many artists for a specific genre or style of music? Do you prefer shorter lists like an hour long, or longer ones? I would really appreciate additional feedback about what you like, especially as I try to focus on additional enhancements and refinements for my blog.

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