Cole Swindell

Listen to country music on You Should Be Here just released by Cole Swindell. He’s a country singer and songwriter from Georgia who has written songs for Luke Bryan, Scotty McCreery, Craig Campbell, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, and Chris Young.

You Should Be Here (2016) – 12 songs, 41 min


Here is his earlier self-titled album.

Cole Swindell (2014) – 12 min 40 sec


Here are several earlier EPs.

Down Home Sessions (2014) – 5 songs, 17 min

Down Home Sessions II (2015) – 5 songs, 16 min


Here are some videos of his songs.

You Should Be Here – 4 min 15 sec

Chillin’ It – 3 min 26 sec

Ain’t Worth the Whiskey – 3 min 32 sec

Hope You Get Lonely Tonight – 3 min 55 sec

Let Me See Ya Girl – 3 min 4 sec

Kiss – 4 min 8 sec

Remember Boys – 3 min 8 sec

Stars – 3 min 18 sec

Dangerous After Dark – 3 min 14 sec

Should’ve Ran After You – 3 min 32 sec

Shuttin’ It Down – 3 min 10 sec


These are links to his website and general information.

These are links to his artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo Credit: You Should Be Here @ Amazon (album cover).

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